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  1. reckonings
    At Long Last, Justice for ScheanaAn editor who bragged about embarrassing her on purpose has reportedly been fired.
  2. reckonings
    Prada’s Blackface Scandal Had Legal RepercussionsThe city of New York has gotten involved.
  3. first person
    Rick Springer Was an Activist in the World, a Terrorist at HomeMy stepfather was famous because he wanted to stop nuclear bombs, but privately he made our lives a war zone.
  4. reckonings
    Monica Lewinsky Has Her Own #MeToo Moment in New EssayShe talks PTSD, gaslighting, and how her circumstances would have been different in the #MeToo era.
  5. reckonings
    This Congresswoman Says Capitol Hill Harassment Isn’t Being Taken Seriously“I don’t have time for meetings that aren’t real.”
  6. reckonings
    Being on the Right Side of History in 1998 SuckedDefending Monica Lewinsky did not make me any friends.
  7. reckonings
    Time to Acknowledge That Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Have a RelationshipA celebrity pairing that didn’t go away, is imminently official.