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  1. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About This Cursed Sex Song“Cbat,” by Hudson Mohawke, has become inescapable.
  2. self
    In the Pursuit of HotnessHow one sub-Reddit community is defining our beauty standards — and then striving for them at all costs.
  3. more fake news i guess
    How to Spot a Fake Beauty ReviewIf it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. mras
    Reddit Just Banned This Controversial Forum for Hating WomenPick-up artists beware.
  5. fake beauty news
    Lululemon Totes Are Spreading Questionable Sunscreen FactsFake news.
  6. parenthood
    Reddit’s Co-founder on Prepping for a Baby With Serena WilliamsAlexis Ohanian talks to the Cut about preparing for the birth of his child with Serena Williams.
  7. politics
    New Hampshire Lawmaker Who Founded Misogynistic ‘Red Pill’ Reddit Forum ResignsRepresentative Robert Fisher resigned just after a House committee voted not to punish him for his misogynistic online comments.
  8. advice
    These Are the Craziest Relationships Stories on RedditJust in time for Valentine’s Day.
  9. ‘Unloaded’ Minds Are the Most CreativeIt’s why you’re so smart in the shower.
  10. mooooom!
    How Not to Show Your Mom You Appreciate Her“I’ll just make her internet famous!”
  11. social psychology
    Tired of Small Talk? Try Medium TalkThe key is to go just a little bit negative.
  12. mental health
    Behind the Scenes of Reddit’s Suicide WatchIt takes a toll on the moderators, who have formed a support group for themselves. 
  13. arguing
    A Subreddit Sparked a Scientific Inquiry Into How to Change Someone’s MindIt is no easy thing.
  14. mental illness
    Insights From People Dealing With Mental Illness“What screws us up most is the picture in our head of how things SHOULD be.”
  15. online harassment
    Ellen Pao: ‘The Trolls Are Winning’The recently resigned Reddit CEO speaks out about online harassment.
  16. desperately seeking
    Lonely Apple Watch Users Search for Fellow HeartbeatsOf course there’s a subreddit for this.
  17. reddit
    An Interactive Chart of Reddit’s ToxicityYou’ll never guess where the men’s rights subreddit sits.
  18. atypical
    What It’s Like to Ask People Really Awkward Questions“I don’t think there’s been a single subject who I haven’t ‘connected’ with.”
  19. atypical
    Ask Our ‘What It’s Like’ Interviewer AnythingShe certainly has some stories to tell.
  20. feedback
    Janay Rice Doesn’t Find ‘Ray Rice’ Costume FunnyDoes anyone?
  21. It’s (Mostly) Smart to Trust Your Fellow HumansUntil it isn’t.
  22. quotables
    Zac Posen Thinks Banning Trends Means ‘Neutering Culture’And other gems from his Reddit AMA.
  23. Why Would Anyone Ask Reddit to Judge Their Looks?It’s partly because we’re addicted to knowing what others think about us.
  24. How to Stop Stressing Over Small TalkHint: Don’t make this about you. 
  25. Go Ask Science of Us Staffers Jesse Singal and Melissa Dahl Anything on RedditThere will be lots of science and lots of us.
  26. Save the Comments Section: Cage the TrollsThere’s no need to go nuclear on comment trolls when they’re so easy to render invisible.
  27. bloody protests
    Reddit Feminist Forum Fights Trolls With Period JokesThe TwoXChromosomes subReddit deals with the spotlight.
  28. kids today
    The Definitive List of Things That Teenagers on Reddit Think Are CoolAccording to the teenagers of Reddit.
  29. magical genitals
    Guy With 2 Dicks, Meet Dude With 3 Balls Reddit: everyone’s favorite forum for sharing genital anomalies.
  30. fashion q&a
    Go Ask Our Editorial Director, Stella Bugbee, Anything at Reddit She’s hosting a Reddit AMA right now. 
  31. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Aziz Ansari, Blossoming SociologistHe’s taken to researching his modern-love book on Reddit.
  32. Martha Stewart Still Considers Herself a ModelIt’s a really, really good thing.
  33. many many dicks
    Universal Lessons From a Dude With Two Penises Reddit’s New Year’s AMA contains multitudes.
  34. ask me anything
    Go Ask Our Beauty Editor, Anything at RedditAnything. She has even seen Jared Leto’s hair in person.
  35. ask me anything
    It’s Your Chance to Ask Robin Givhan AnythingShe’s hosting a Reddit AMA at 10 a.m.
  36. angry mobs
    It’s Okay to Hate the Kickstarter ‘Rape Manual’This time, the pitchfork-wielding Internet mob is right.
  37. vanity projects
    Ugly Is the New Pretty: How Unattractive Selfies Took Over the Internet“It puts personality back into a superficial practice of self-documentation,” says one participant.
  38. men’s rights
    New App to ‘Doxx’ Men With Penis Size, Income Raises Rancor on RedditTwo genders can play this game, sadly.