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  1. throwbacks
    Ross Douthat’s Greatest Sex-Writing HitsIn the wake of his most recent column, a look back at the “Chunky Reese Witherspoon” incident and more.
  2. reflections
    Trump Says He’d Tell His Younger Self Not to Run for PresidentRegrets, he’s had a few.
  3. reflections
    Sean Spicer Regrets Embarrassing Himself, His FamilyA little late, guy!
  4. we’re all on tinder
    The Big Problem With the Master of None Tinder EpisodeIn 2017, it’s not enough to say “Tinder sucks.”
  5. reflections
    Life Lessons From the Great Fyre Festival DisasterWhat we can all learn from a luxury music festival gone bust.
  6. reflections
    In an Essay, Lady Gaga Muses on the Strong Women in Her Life“Being a lady today means being a fighter.”
  7. other kinds of fasts
    How to Use Mirrors in ModerationLike alcohol, one’s reflection should be consumed responsibly.