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  1. regrets
    Aw, Man, We Missed Palindrome DaySunday was the first one in 909 years!
  2. reflections
    Sean Spicer Regrets Embarrassing Himself, His FamilyA little late, guy!
  3. regrets
    Seems Like Melania Trump Really Didn’t Want to Be First LadyYou don’t say.
  4. self respect
    25 Famous Women on RegretsAnd moving on from them.
  5. obligations
    25 Famous Women on GuiltGrappling with it — or choosing not to.
  6. regrets
    Gloria Steinem Is Tired of Being Referred to As a Former Playboy Bunny“I probably shouldn’t have done that in my youth, even to write an exposé”
  7. regrets
    U.N. Staff Say Naming Wonder Woman Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment Is Dumb“The bottom line appears to be that the United Nations was unable to find a real life woman that would be able to champion the rights of ALL women.”
  8. popular opinion
    Ben Affleck’s Exes Agree: That Back Tat Is HorribleTwo Jennifers, four thumbs-down.
  9. regrets
    Kate Middleton Deeply Regrets a Color SchemeA haunting “unexpected purple tinge.” 
  10. regrets
    Debbie Reynolds Wishes She’d Had More Sex“I was a virgin when I married Eddie Fisher … stupid and innocent.”