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  1. power
    Armie Hammer Has Reportedly Checked Into RehabAccording to a new report, the actor is seeking treatment “for drug, alcohol, and sex issues.”
  2. recovery
    Demi Lovato Is Out of RehabShe was seen looking “happy and healthy” in Beverly Hills on Saturday.
  3. Did Brad Pitt Secretly Get Sober at Fancy Rehab?“Page Six” says yes.
  4. Selena Gomez Speaks Out About TherapyThe singer revealed she has been seeing a therapist five days a week since leaving a Tennessee psychiatric facility.
  5. one step at a time
    Demi Lovato Marks Five Years of Sobriety“It’s been quite the journey.”
  6. self care
    Lindsay Lohan Screened Her Oeuvre in RehabMaybe it’s like when football players watch game film.
  7. Poorly Dressed Lohan Flees One Rehab, Ends Up at AnotherShe’s a daisy chain of probation violations.
  8. troubled starlet
    Lindsay Lohan Went to the Wrong RehabIt’s not court-approved, but you can smoke there.
  9. confessions of a shopaholic
    Buzz Bissinger Reportedly in Rehab for Gucci AddictionAfter professing his shopaholism in GQ.
  10. hugs not drugs
    Cat Marnell Needs to Get Some Sleep Before She Can Talk About Leaving xoJane.comShe’s no longer employed by Jane Pratt.
  11. run through
    Rehab Shmehab! Mendes Lands Another Calvin Klein CampaignEva Mendes can’t lose. When most other starlets hit the damage-control circuit post-rehab, Mendes remained the face of Calvin Klein fragrance and even got a free shopping spree on her birthday.
  12. run through
    Eva Mendes Gets Out of Rehab and Gets SweatersEva Mendes’s plans to appear in Calvin Klein perfume ads were thwarted when she went to rehab several weeks ago. But Mendes is out — yay! — and it appears her relationship with the label is still going strong.
  13. loose threads
    Lacoste Is So Over the Celebrity Thing• Lacoste doesn’t like famous people. No, seriously: “We don’t really care about personalities,” said Lacoste designer Christophe Lemaire. “We feel it’s a stupid game to play. There are so many famous people wearing Lacoste anyway, we don’t need to pretend or show off.” [WWD]