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  1. GOP Is Adding ‘Porn Addiction’ to Its Platform, But Does It Even Exist?Sex researchers say porn addiction depends on how religious you are.
  2. When Losing God Means Losing YourselfLeaving religion can be a psychologically challenging process.
  3. ramadan
    For Muslims With Eating Disorders, Ramadan Can Pose a Dangerous ChoiceIllness is a valid excuse not to fast, but stigma against mental-health issues makes it trickier.
  4. gender
    How Religion Can Help Explain the Wage GapSometimes researchers ignore stuff that’s a pretty big deal.
  5. religion
    A Company Analyzed Whether the Koran Is ViolentReligions are way more than the textual content of their holy books.
  6. thoughts and prayers
    Even Atheists Could Benefit From Praying Every Once in a While“There’s a special X-factor ingredient that makes ‘prayer’ different than meditation or other types of thought.”
  7. advice
    Ask Polly: Should I Get a Boob Job?Why are you asking for permission?
  8. Mormon Church More or Less Bans Same-Sex Couples and Their KidsThe Church of Latter-day Saints doubles down on discrimination.
  9. religion
    Pope Francis’s Revolution Has Left Out WomenIn both words and deeds, he supports reinforcing traditional gender roles within the Catholic Church. 
  10. religion
    That’s Not How Religion Works, Ben CarsonA common misunderstanding about the connection between religious faith and behavior.
  11. vows
    What Happens When You Choose Jesus Over Sex With Ciara They’re doing it “Jesus’ way” — which is to say, not doing it.
  12. diets
    Diets Are a Lot Like Religion Worshipping at the altar of Paleo eating. 
  13. 5 Important Facts About Young ISIS RecruitsA veteran anthropologist of radical movements holds court at the U.N.
  14. religion
    Will a Catholic City Put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Death?The sentencing phase of the trial highlights the changing relationship between American Catholics and the death penalty.
  15. religion
    Why Kids Need Spirituality“In the entire realm of human experience, there is no single factor that will protect your adolescent like a personal sense of spirituality.”
  16. heavenly bodies
    Christian Fashion Week Will Accept MiniskirtsBut not cleavage.
  17. religion
    A Rabbi and an Atheist Talk Good and Evil“There’s no data that shows that atheists are less moral than theists.”
  18. q&a
    Reza Aslan on His New CNN Show About Religious Rituals“And we are not going to go to the Vatican, you know what I mean? Like, who cares?”
  19. religion
    Do Harsh Environments Lead to Angry Gods?Cooperation is more important in some places than others.
  20. religion
    The Most Popular Bible Passage Is About AnxietyAccording to Kindle data. 
  21. religion
    Maybe Don’t Make Fun of Mormon ‘Magic Underwear’The church issued an explainer on the temple garment this week.
  22. religion
    Here’s What Happens When Hasidic Jews Join the Secular World“I was afraid some punishment by God might be imminent.”
  23. q&a
    Reza Aslan on What the New Atheists Get Wrong About IslamPlus: what motivates the people who join ISIS.
  24. consumer psychology
    Do Brands Make People Less Religious?Some weird new study results.
  25. media
    How to Make the Islam Conversation Less DumbFive questions news anchors should ask. None of them is “Does Islam promote violence?”
  26. People Who Believe in Guardian Angels Are More CautiousWhat would you do if you believed you had an invisible, mystical being following you around?
  27. religion
    Americans Want More Religion in Public Life, Says New Pew PollBit of a backlash going on.
  28. sex
    Do Ultra-Orthodox Jews Have Better Sex?Bedroom tips from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a Lubavitcher Dr. Ruth.
  29. religion
    Can Harsh Brands of Fundamentalism Lead to Mental Illness?The connection between prayer and stress has to do with whether you view God as warm and loving.
  30. 5 Takeaways From Pew’s New Everyone-Likes-Jews ReportPlus: how American Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists can catch up.
  31. Virginity Pledges (Still) Don’t Work, Unless You’re Really ReligiousFor most people, at least — and they appear to have a pretty bad downside.
  32. true stories
    10 Awkward, Nostalgic Stories of Summer-Camp Sexual AwakeningsSkinny-dipping, vagina-shaving, and orgasms on horseback.
  33. Prayer Can Help Promote Unity in Diverse SettingsAchieving unity in a diverse group is hard, but prayer may make it easier.
  34. Real-Life Muslims Like Saba Ahmed Pose an Existential Threat to Hate GroupsThe more people are exposed to actual Muslims rather than hateful stereotypes, the harder it is for Islamophobic groups to win support and money.
  35. worship
    Membership at the Kardashian Family Church Costs As Much As a Country ClubA really nice country club. 
  36. mating and dating
    Christian Wives: How Submissive Should We Be?Privately submissive, new books say.
  37. sexcapades
    Inside Out: Confessions of a 27-Year-Old Gay Virgin“Sex comes after … domestic partnership? It’s a complicated perspective for a repressed gay millennial.”
  38. carb evangelism
    TV Evangelist Says That Your Low-Carb Diet Violates God’s PlanHe’s right … but, you know, the logic that took him there is wack.
  39. quotables
    Suzy Menkes Thinks the Pope Is Making Italian Fashion Less SexyHe is the reason Italian designers are now humble (or so she thinks).
  40. Kanye West Wore a WWJD BraceletShouldn’t it be WWYD?
  41. shopping scandals
    Buddhist Monks Are Having a Louis Vuitton Scandal“When Lord Buddha was alive, there wasn’t anything like this.”
  42. the vatican has spoken
    The Papal Conclave Explained in Reality TV MetaphorsVatican’s Real Housewives meet Survivor.
  43. halal manicures
    The Nail Polish That’s Suitable for Muslim WomenA sheikh says Inglot’s breathable nail polish is also halal.
  44. pants!
    Mormon Women Get Death Threats for Wearing Pants“Wear Pants to Church” Sundays get off to a rough start.
  45. adventures in sex
    My Boyfriend Went to Confession Every Time We Had SexNotes on four years of postcoital prayer.
  46. dress code
    The Pope Wears Fur … and Feels the BurnAnimal-rights activists are upset over his holy wardrobe. Frankly, we don’t know how he survives in Italy wearing fur in the summer anyway.