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Replication Crisis

  1. science of us
    Religious Belief and Analytical Thinking Don’t Necessarily Cancel Each Other OutNew research questions a widely touted previous finding.
  2. bad science
    Sometimes It’s Good to Shame Researchers a BitA set of studies purportedly showing which sorts of dance moves are sexiest show how researchers benefit from shoddy work.
  3. replication crisis
    There’s a Problem With a Bunch of Psychology TextbooksA trio of researchers evaluated a bunch of introductory-level material to see how rigorous it was, and the results weren’t great.
  4. replication crisis
    Inside Psychology’s ‘Methodological Terrorism’ DebateA seemingly obscure debate about etiquette contains some big questions about the future of social science.
  5. power poses
    The Fall of Power Poses Has an Interesting House-of-Cards Aspect to ItThe authors of the original study thought they were building on a sound foundation of past research. They may not have been.
  6. So, Maybe Academics Are Unconsciously Set Up for Clickbait ResearchIt’s just responding to the incentives in place, after all.
  7. Here’s a Helpful Rundown of Psychology’s Replication CrisisIt may shake your faith in social science.
  8. Maybe the Replication Crisis is Really an Inspirational-Ideas CrisisIt seems like the psychology ideas that are facing the biggest challenges are also the ones offering the most optimistic accounts of human nature.