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  1. science of us
    One of Life’s Great InjusticesReconsidering my own closing fertility window.
  2. science of us
    Is Advanced Paternal Age 35, Too?It’s either that or 45, for what it’s worth.
  3. pregnancy
    What to Expect at Your First Fertility AppointmentThe short answer? A lot.
  4. science of us
    What Is the Menstrualome and What Can It Tell Me?In theory, used tampons could offer clues to health and disease.
  5. pregnancy
    All the Weirdest Early Signs of PregnancyHaters will tell you to take “a test.”
  6. Japan Full of Virgins, Survey ShowsAnd you thought you had it rough.
  7. Can You Be a Sperm Donor If You’re Dead?Postmortem sperm retrieval is ethically complicated, legally blurry, and increasingly common.
  8. egged on
    Facebook and Apple Will Pay for Employees’ Egg FreezingIs this eggs-cellent news?
  9. The Simple Question That Could Improve Women’s Reproductive Health“Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?” may be a deceptively powerful question.
  10. interview
    ‘Mistake Sex,’ an Orange Boa, and a Bronx Accent: At Home With Princeton MomSusan Patton is a gleefully snobby rape-denier. You’re going to love her.