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Reproductive Wrongs

  1. reproductive wrongs
    Kellyanne Conway Worked for Anti-Abortion Activist Group Facing Felony ChargesThe Center for Medical Progress is behind those Planned Parenthood “sting” videos.
  2. reproductive wrongs
    ACLU Sues Kentucky After Gov. Matt Bevin Signs Two Abortion Bills [Updated]ACLU is challenging Kentucky after the governor signed into law a measure that would also require abortion providers give a patient an ultrasound.
  3. reproductive rights
    Senator Pat Toomey’s Staffer Doesn’t Want to Even Hear the Word ‘Period’There is “no need to be graphic,” ladies!
  4. reproductive wrongs
    This Is the Most Ironic Thing an Anti-Choice Lawmaker Has Ever SaidMatt Bevin will probably be proofreading his tweets more carefully.
  5. reproductive wrongs
    Oklahoma Abandons Measure Requiring Anti-Abortion Signs in Public BathroomsThey’ll opt for social-media outreach instead. Yay?
  6. reproductive wrongs
    It Just Got a Whole Lot Harder to Get an Abortion in OhioThere are no exceptions for rape or incest.
  7. reproductive wrongs
    People Are Protesting an Abortion Bill by Placing Coat Hangers at the StatehouseAnd some are sending wire hangers directly to Governor Kasich.
  8. reproductive wrongs
    Paul Ryan Dodges Free Birth Control Question on CNNAnd Jake Tapper isn’t having it.
  9. reproductive wrongs
    What Will Women’s Health Care Look Like Now?Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has been great for women’s health.
  10. reproductive wrongs
    Hospital Refused to Tie Woman’s Tubes Even Though Pregnancy Could Kill HerThe ACLU has filed a federal complaint on her behalf.
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    Cable-News Coverage of Abortion Is Wrong More Often Than It’s RightBut it sure leans to the right.
  12. complete and utter garbage
    Oklahoma Passed an Insane Bill That Would Make Performing an Abortion a FelonyNot okay, Oklahoma.
  13. reproductive wrongs
    Would You Look at That? Anti-Abortion Laws Don’t Actually Reduce AbortionsWell, well, well. Look what we have here.
  14. reproductive wrongs
    Catholic Hospitals Denying Emergency Repro CareSome miscarriages require medical intervention. A new report says hundreds of Catholic hospitals put women’s health at risk.
  15. reproductive wrongs
    Oklahoma’s New Anti-Choice Bill Targets DoctorsPerform a constitutionally protected medical procedure and lose your license.