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  1. manners
    Lauren Boebert Broke Up With Her ‘Beetlejuice’ DateBecause he was a Democrat.
  2. power
    Expelled Tennessee Democrats Have Been Reinstated Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were voted back into office by their districts.
  3. 2024 election
    Nikki Haley Is Running for PresidentShe’s the first politician to challenge Trump in the 2024 GOP race.
  4. power
    The Herschel Walker Campaign Keeps Getting MessierJane Doe, who alleged the pro-life Senate candidate encouraged her to have an abortion, challenged him to meet her in person before the runoff.
  5. dads
    Republicans Have a Dad ProblemConservative fathers explain why the fall of Roe is motivating them to vote for Democrats in November.
  6. power
    Conservatives Are Losing It Over This Ilhan Omar TweetAfter a video showing Christians singing worship songs on a plane went viral, the congresswoman pointed out its hypocrisy.
  7. culture
    Wait, Is Mr. Potato Head Going Gender-Neutral or Not?Conservatives spent the afternoon throwing a fit that a little plastic potato might no longer be known as a man.
  8. power
    It’s Time to Look AheadToday is a victory, but the fight is far from over.
  9. hairy situations
    What’s All This Drama Over Nancy Pelosi’s Hair?The House Speaker broke coronavirus protocol at a hair salon. She says she was “set up.”
  10. politics
    Every Infamous Right-Wing Meme to Speak at the RNCSo far, the St. Louis gun couple and the teenager from Covington High are slated to appear.
  11. home decor
    Every Room in This Man’s House Is Worse Than the NextImagine if Drake was a GOP pollster.
  12. psa
    ‘Pro-Life’ Texas Representative Threatens Beto O’Rourke With an AR-15Briscoe Cain, who has spoken at length about his respect for the “sanctity of life,” was reported to the FBI over the violent tweet.
  13. aoc
    Why on Earth Did an Ad Showing AOC’s Face Burning Air During the Debate?ABC is being criticized for allowing the Republican PAC ad to run.
  14. milkshook
    Matt Gaetz Becomes First Right-Wing American Politician to Be MilkshakedNow Gaetz says he plans to press charges.
  15. abortion rights
    The Assault on Abortion Rights Is Tyranny of the MinorityMost GOP voters want Roe v. Wade upheld. And banning abortion in all circumstances is opposed by a majority of voters in every U.S. state.
  16. reproductive rights
    ‘Insurrection’ Against Abortion Rights Is Growing Within the Federal JudiciaryIf and when the Supreme Court decides to unravel Roe v. Wade, lower federal courts and GOP state legislatures will supply the tools.
  17. politics
    GOP Senators Are Acting Like a Bunch of BabiesA private luncheon for Republican lawmakers recently devolved into a squabble over who to blame for the government shutdown.
  18. sexual assault
    Ex-Romney Staffer Accused of Making Fiancée His Sex SlaveThe Republican consultant also allegedly battered her.
  19. bigotry
    This GOP Campaign Ad Is So Offensive, Even Republicans Want It Taken DownThe chair of the Illinois Republican Party is calling for Illinois State representative Jeanne Ives to take down her anti-trans, anti-woman video.
  20. ‘merica
    Guess What Colors Republican Women are Wearing to the State of the UnionThey’re planning a colorful response to the Democrats’ plan to wear black.
  21. the times we live in
    House GOP Tax Plan Contains Insidious Anti-Abortion ProvisionIt attempts to redefine “unborn child.”
  22. grand old party
    Republican Leaders Cheer Themselves Up by Going to a Vault to Touch GoldMitch McConnell and Steve Mnuchin visited the vaults at Fort Knox.
  23. politics
    Arizona GOP Site Represented Asian-Americans With Picture of Margaret Cho SitcomThey lifted the shot from All-American Girl.
  24. politics
    Mitch McConnell Promised to Invite Women to Work on the Health-Care BillMcConnell made behind-the-scenes assurances in response to criticism that women Senators were being excluded.
  25. canceled
    Students Sue UC Berkeley for Canceling Ann Coulter AppearanceThe lawsuit says the university is discriminating against conservative speakers.
  26. politics
    A Congressman Who Helped Gut the Ethics Office Was Sued for Sexual HarassmentTexas representative Blake Farenthold, who helped gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, was accused of sexual harassment by a staffer.
  27. politics
    Not Even Republican Women Can Bring Themselves to Vote for Donald TrumpTrump is losing big with white, college-educated women – including Republicans.
  28. style wars
    Young Republicans Love to Dress Like Your Worst Preppy NightmareTheir favorite brands include Tory Burch, Brooks Brothers, and Walmart.
  29. abortion rights
    Donald Trump Is Forming an Anti-Abortion CoalitionAnd he’s recruiting longtime pro-life activists to lead it.
  30. GOP Is Adding ‘Porn Addiction’ to Its Platform, But Does It Even Exist?Sex researchers say porn addiction depends on how religious you are.
  31. reproductive rights
    The Majority of Americans Support Federal Funding for Planned ParenthoodTurns out the country is down with things like reproductive care and maternal health.
  32. abortion
    The GOP War on Planned Parenthood Will Not EndReactionary attacks just keep coming.
  33. abortion
    Elizabeth Warren Schools the GOP on Women’s RightsWatch the rousing defense of Planned Parenthood she gave in the Senate yesterday.
  34. abortion
    Why Republicans Keep Talking About Ultrasounds Anti-abortion rhetoric is likely to play a big role in the upcoming presidential election.
  35. women 101
    John Boehner Teaching GOP How to Talk to ChicksYou gotta be sensitive, man. 
  36. idiot politicians
    New Hampshire Legislator: ‘A Lot of People Like Being in Abusive Relationships’New Hampshire Republican holds minority opinion.
  37. zomg political shoes
    Republican Women Prefer TOMS ShoesObligatory Fox News spin: Democrats don’t care about poor children.
  38. politics
    Mitt Romney and the End of MenHe’s a Cardboard Man.
  39. politics
    The Perks of Being a TokenIn a party of Clint Eastwoods, who notices one more? The GOP needs minority candidates more than they need the GOP.
  40. politics
    The ‘Penis Game’ in PoliticsYou know that game where little boys stand in a circle, shouting naughty words louder and louder? Republicans are doing that now.
  41. grand old party
    Lifetime Movies for Republicans Who Don’t Understand RapeMovie night at the Tampa Hilton, anyone?
  42. conjecture
    Why Do Women Vote Republican?Instead of asking them, let’s guess.
  43. politics
    I Love You, Todd Akin. You Make Me Want to Put on a Balaclava and Riot.What it takes to make an American woman pull a Pussy Riot.
  44. politics
    Paul Ryan Is Your Annoying Libertarian Ex-BoyfriendIn the dating world, an infatuation with Ayn Rand is a red flag.
  45. election 2012
    GOP’s Ryan Gosling Is Mitt Romney’s Running MatePaul Ryan is a pro-life sex symbol. (Is that an oxymoron?)