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  1. reputation
    Taylor Swift Has Found Her One Dance MoveWe all need a signature move.
  2. satire
    25 (Other) Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor SwiftShe’s not in the Illuminati but she keeps dropping hints to Beyoncé and being like “I could make time!” and “My Wednesdays are wide open!”
  3. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift’s New Album Is Reportedly Extremely PettyReputation apparently just “chronicles her feuds.”
  4. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Filed for a Whole New Set of TrademarksHmm, this feels like the Old Taylor.
  5. The Funniest Reactions to Taylor Swift’s New Song“Taylor Swift’s album cover looks like your ex-BF’s first tattoo.”
  6. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Is Definitely Not Done With The Snake MotifThe singer is selling snake jewelry now.