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  1. resolutions
    This Year, I’m Going to Plan LessI’ve discovered the magic of spontaneously “swinging by” and I’m not going back.
  2. resolutions
    Fine, I’ll Just Like the Instagram PostMaybe acknowledging my friends’ annoying content will make me feel a little better about myself.
  3. resolutions
    I’m Determined to Mix My Friend GroupsSocial anxiety be damned.
  4. resolutions
    In 2023, I Resolve to Be Less CompetentOne person cannot do all things.
  5. resolutions
    In 2023, I Will Learn to Chew My FoodCould eating more slowly actually change my life?
  6. resolutions
    If You Need Me in 2023, I’ll Be Living Life on ‘Do Not Disturb’There is no bliss quite like turning off all notifications.
  7. resolutions
    This Will Be the Year I Talk to More StrangersThe joys of microdosing social connection.
  8. self
    Will We Ever Escape ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Photos?I’m already preparing myself for the deluge of January “weight-loss transformations” on Instagram.
  9. self
    There’s a Better Way to Make ResolutionsIt’s called intention-setting, and it actually works.
  10. goals
    The Death (?) of the New Year’s Resolution2021 was stressful enough.
  11. swellness
    Can I Drink Too Much Water?Overhydration is more common than you may think.
  12. hot bod
    You Don’t Have to CommitThere’s no point to sticking with an exercise routine if you don’t actually like it.
  13. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: New Year’s ResolutionsI sat down to write them and … found the process enjoyable.
  14. hot bod
    The Way We Make Fitness Resolutions Is All WrongAn all or nothing approach isn’t going to get you very far.
  15. giving up
    I Gave Up on Meditating, and It Feels GreatThe liberating feeling of letting go of a wellness trend.
  16. promises promises
    The Museum of Failed Self-ImprovementsSeven women on the things they bought hoping to change their lives.
  17. promises promises
    How to Change Without WillpowerFocus on your beliefs, and the rest will follow.
  18. pivot to video
    Lana Del Rey Is Pivoting to VloggerWithout an actual vlog.
  19. disconnect
    Kim Kardashian’s New Year’s Resolution Is Extremely RelatablePut down the phone.
  20. science of us
    A Common Trick for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution Can Easily BackfireHow self-trackers and other digital tools are setting you up for failure.
  21. resolutions
    This ‘Design Thinking’ Thing Seems Worth Copying From Business SchoolsThe key question: “What would it do for me if I solved this problem?”
  22. happy new years
    How to Outsource Your 2016 New Year’s ResolutionsIt takes a village to fulfill New Year’s resolutions.
  23. life goals
    Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions to Yourself, PleasePeople who talk a lot about their goals are often less likely to actually achieve them. 
  24. challenges
    Could You Go 40 Days Without Being Mean?An experiment in being nice — or, as the yogis call it, “medium-soft.”
  25. the organized life
    26 Chic Items to Help You Completely Overhaul Your ClosetMake way for the great closet purge. 
  26. gooped
    Mindy Kaling’s Goop ResolutionsIntents: cultural, dietetic, metabolic, materialistic, and aesthetic.
  27. Nine Fixes for Getting Out of a Wardrobe RutDon’t call them resolutions, think of them as strategies you can implement at any time.
  28. best bets
    Best Bet: Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge SneakerA 2013 resolution you can keep.