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Retail Woes

  1. retail woes
    Forever 21 Is Filing for BankruptcyThe teen retailer announced the long-anticipated filing last night.
  2. retail woes
    What Is Going on With Topshop?The brand is closing all stores, and its owner was just charged with a misdemeanor in Arizona.
  3. meanwhile in canada
    Canadian Retailer Has Good Idea to Pull Ivanka Trump’s BrandToday in Canada.
  4. retail woes
    Could Resale Shopping Overtake Fast Fashion?Given fast fashion’s recent public scandals and financial troubles, maybe it isn’t so crazy.
  5. retail woes
    Is Fashion’s Trendiest, Troll-iest Brand Dead or Not?Vetements’ CEO called the report “fake news.”
  6. retail woes
    What Is H&M Going to Do With $4.3 Billion Worth of Unsold Clothes?To start, there’s a sale.
  7. retail woes
    Sad Day for Teens: Claire’s Plans BankruptcyLong live the mecca of rubber accessories and ear piercings.
  8. retail woes
    Sales of Ivanka Trump Clothing Have Been Steadily Declining for MonthsBy August, Ivanka Trump–brand sales were down to negative-one percent compared to the same time last year.