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  1. love and war
    Ghosted by an AppDating apps gave us new paths toward love, but more and more banned users think they’ve also given us new channels for revenge.
  2. revenge
    Ease Your Way Into the Weekend With This Footage of a Woman Chasing Down GroperHappy Friday.
  3. revenge
    Enjoy This Heartwarming Video of a Waitress Body-Slamming a Man Who Groped HerShe wastes no time.
  4. true crime
    Woman Baked Laxative-Filled Brownies for Co-worker’s Good-bye PartyBye!
  5. Revenge Is the Glue That Holds Society TogetherPeople are more likely to treat each other well when they know the alternative can lead to retaliation.
  6. Turns Out Getting Revenge Really Does Make You HappierStill, there are probably less destructive ways to make yourself feel better.
  7. revenge
    Former Miss Universe Becomes U.S. Citizen So She Can Vote Against TrumpAfter Donald Trump verbally harassed Alicia Machado years ago — calling her “Miss Piggy” — she’ll finally get her chance to vote against him.
  8. The Most Effective Way to Get Revenge on a Terrible BossWithout getting fired.
  9. swellness
    Steal Her Crystal, But Amanda Chantal Bacon Will Only Get an Even Bigger CrystalThe Moon Juice founder will not be broken.
  10. Test Yourself: Do You Seek Out Revenge, or Avoid Your Problems?A quiz on conflict style.
  11. revenge
    Facebook Bans Woman for her Response to Dick PicAfter a screenshot she posted of her brilliant response to an unsolicited dick pic went viral.
  12. revenge
    Kelly Osbourne Tweeted the Phone Number of Her Dad’s Mistress1-800-888-SHADE.
  13. cassy’s revenge
    Hero Woman Gave Cheating BF the Christmas Gift He DeservesSpoiler alert: It’s not an iPhone 6.
  14. just like us
    15 Celebrities on Post-Breakup RevengeIs it better to live well, or to T.P. his car?
  15. party chat
    Kate Upton on the Best RevengeWhy didn’t they try this in The Other Woman?
  16. unpopular opinions
    Curvy Women File Lawsuit Against Karl LagerfeldLoose lips get sued.
  17. revenge
    James Franco Now on Call to Help Infuriate Ex-BoyfriendsHe embraces a high-schooler in the name of revenge.
  18. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest From Fashion WeekIncluding that time we (almost) ruined the Tommy Hilfiger set.
  19. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Talking Revenge and Fashion Mishaps at Monique LhuillierPlus how to dress like a grown-up.
  20. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Going Gaga for Britney at Nicole MillerBut she wasn’t even there.
  21. look of the day
    Ashley Madekwe Really Sang in a Canary Yellow JumpsuitAll thanks to DVF.
  22. beauty breakdown
    The Smoky Eyes of Emily Thorne on RevengePlus, how to get the actress’s beachy waves and rosy lips from last night’s episode.
  23. free birds
    Liberty Ross Posts Cryptic Vogue Blog EntryA flying bird.
  24. revenge
    Presenting: Liberty Ross’s Revenge OutfitShe appeared in L.A. yesterday without her wedding ring.