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Ri Sol Ju

  1. respected lady
    Kim Jong-un’s Wife Is Getting Her Own Cult of PersonalityShe was upgraded from “comrade” to “Respected Lady.”
  2. the other riri
    Dennis Rodman Probably Met Ri Sol-ju’s BabyIf she had one.
  3. the other riri
    Is There a Lil’ Kim Inside of Ri Sol-ju?She might be pregnant with Kim Jong-un’s bébé.
  4. the other riri
    North Korea’s First Lady Ri Sol-ju Officially No Longer GroundedShe’s allowed out of the house to go to the big game with husband Kim Jong-un.
  5. the other riri
    Confirmed: When Ri Sol-ju Speaks, It Sounds Like Raindrops on Roses“It’s so soft.”
  6. first ladies
    The Real Housewives of Oppressive RegimesHistory would make a great reality show.
  7. the other riri
    Kim Jong-un’s Wife Carries a Dior ClutchLike any first lady should.