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  1. rich people
    Ellen Once Gave Melania a Golden Stroller With a Built-in ChandelierImagine hanging a chandelier over an infant!
  2. rich people
    So, How Did Those Much-Protested Trump Fundraisers Go?The president’s reelection campaign raked in $12 million at two separate events in the Hamptons, including a lunch hosted by the founder of Equinox.
  3. rich people
    Rich Guy Makes Fake Driveway So Neighbors Always Get TowedWhen wealth makes you think you’re above the sidewalk laws.
  4. rich people
    Why Is Jeff Bezos Avoiding Gwyneth Paltrow?“I’ve emailed him. He won’t email back.”
  5. l’amour
    Two Hours Beneath the Billionaire’s Gigantic Banner of LoveNew Yorkers react to an extremely petty and expensive wedding gift.
  6. l’amour
    I Guess This Is How Billionaires Express Their Love?A bafflingly large mural that doubles as a proclamation of affection and a jab at your ex.
  7. power
    The Housing Department Spent an Obscene Amount on Ben Carson’s Dining Room SetWhile the secretary was busy planning cuts for poor people.
  8. best of 2017
    The 7 Craziest Celebrity Real Estate Stories of 2017Some light reading for your Friday.
  9. money money money
    Rich People Are Hiring Filmmakers to Take Videos of Them on VacationWe can thank the popularity of video on social-media platforms.
  10. the one percent
    Parents Who Pay to Be WatchedArmed with Nest Cams and 24/7 surveillance, one company promises to fix even the most dysfunctional child — for a price.
  11. goop glop
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gift Guide: Helping the Rich Survive Impending DoomWater, sex, and survival.
  12. mo’ problems
    Are You Suffering From Perfection Anxiety?: A Diagnostic GuideMo’ money, mo’ problems.
  13. couples retreat
    Rich Couples Choose to Use the Bathroom TogetherFor some reason. 
  14. billionaires
    Tory Burch Is a Billionaire Now, Don’t ForgetToday’s runway show was a very decadent reminder.
  15. rich people
    Karl Lagerfeld: Rich!Breaking news about the wealth he stands to make next year.
  16. rich people
    L’Oréal Heiress Liliane Bettencourt Declared Mentally Unfit to Handle Her MoneyThis could be the beginning of the end to a two-year-long court battle over the L’Oréal fortune.
  17. rich people
    Getting to Know the Now Very Wealthy Natalie MassenetThe Net-a-Porter founder just made a killing selling her business.
  18. rich people
    JCPenney’s CEO Could Get an $11.4 Million Pay Package This YearHe will at least get something worth $4.6 million.
  19. rich people
    Ivanka Trump Turned Down a Job at VogueAnna Wintour just called her up one day and offered her one out of the blue.
  20. rich people
    Louis Vuitton Handbags and Clothing Continue Selling BrisklyLVMH’s watches, jewelry, and Champagne? Not so much.
  21. rich people
    Kira Plastinina Reopens, People ProtestThe protests actually don’t have anything to do with the, uh, aesthetic of the goods sold inside the store.
  22. foreigners are fun
    Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell Could Cook Up Some Fashion TV Shows TogetherLike the ‘American Idol’ version of a model reality series.
  23. rich people
    Carla and Sarko’s Lavish Trip to Mexico Angers FranceShe broke out the diamond earrings!
  24. rich people
    Massive Amounts of Cash Still Being Spent at Yves Saint Laurent AuctionA Matisse went for $46.5 million!
  25. rich people
    Rich People Worldwide Flock to Paris to Buy Yves Saint Laurent’s ArtThe seminal auction got under way in Paris this afternoon.
  26. rich people
    Inside the Psyche of a Couture CustomerJust who are these people anyway?