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Richard Simmons

  1. richard simmons
    Richard Simmons Writes Post-Hospitalization Facebook UpdateSimmons thanked the nurses and doctors who took care of him, and the officer who helped him home.
  2. end of an era
    Richard Simmons’s Exercise Studio, Slimmons, Closes After Over 40 YearsAlmost 60 people came to Slimmons for one last class.
  3. richard simmons
    Richard Simmons Was Reportedly Hospitalized and Released This WeekendAccording to TMZ, the fitness icon was “exhibiting bizarre conduct.”
  4. fitness
    Prancercise Made Richard Simmons Weep With Joy“If she was here, I’d do her nails.”
  5. hairy situations
    Look at These Dudes Owning Their Man-Curls If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.
  6. adventures in sex
    How I Turned My Sex Life Into an Exercise RoutineTwelve fitness trends turned into sex acts, 30 minutes a day, two weeks.