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Richie Shazam

  1. rules to live by
    Richie Shazam’s No. 1 Rule When Posing: Give OptionsShazam released a book showcasing her best subject: herself.
  2. 5 questions with…
    Richie Shazam Is Still EvolvingThe model, photographer, and now director made a film featuring her found family and Julia Fox.
  3. campaigns
    What Is a ‘Ganni Girl’?Defined through the lens of Richie Shazam.
  4. what to watch
    The Traditional Makeover Show Gets a MakeoverIn Shine True, Richie Shazam and Lucas Silveira help trans and nonbinary young adults become their brightest selves.
  5. The Future of Downtown New YorkGentrification makes it easy to forget that New York is still the incubator for art, ideas, and community that it always was.