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  1. sealed with a kiss
    I Found the Best Matte Drugstore LipstickAfter conducting intensive research.
  2. let’s makeup
    Sadly, You Can No Longer Get This Drugstore Brand at UltaThe euro-favorite brand is out.
  3. obsessive tester
    I Found the Best Drugstore Brow PencilAfter testing a ton of them.
  4. 5 new things
    5 New August Beauty Picks Under $15All found at your nearest drugstore.
  5. keep it simple
    Your Easy Winter Look: Bright Lipstick and TurtlenecksFourteen real New York women; two simple styling moves.
  6. her mossness
    Kate Moss and Rita Ora Kissed at a Work EventHow Madonna of them.
  7. faces of things
    Kate Moss Won’t Match Lipstick to Nail Polish“It’s always a clash.”
  8. model tracker
    Is Kate Moss Out at Rimmel?Despite denying rumors of her departure, the makeup brand just signed up two new faces. Watch your back, Kate!