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  1. engagement ring
    Bennifer Is Officially Engaged — AgainYes, he got a new ring.
  2. advent calendar 2021
    Gift of the Day: Tiffany’s Knot RingWho doesn’t love opening a little blue box?
  3. trendspotting
    The Jewelry Trend Setting the Mood in 2021All of a sudden, I can’t stop buying chunky rings.
  4. investigation
    Do Music People Really Wear This Many Rings?Investigating the menagerie of rings in The High Note.
  5. shopping
    Congrats to Whoever Bought a $400,000 Ring at CostcoTiffany’s is shaking.
  6. meanwhile in canada
    Long-Lost Engagement Ring Found Around Carrot Like Some Kind of Dang Fairy TaleYes, it was in Canada.
  7. pretty things
    Where to Splurge on the Prettiest RingsJewelry lust in Soho.
  8. best bets
    A Cool Set of Rings Stacked in Your FavorYou can stop trying to curate. 
  9. best bets
    An Artsy Ring to Add to Your Jewelry CollectionIf you’re tired of the dainty trend.
  10. weddings!
    A Ring That Jazzes Up a Traditional Wedding BandSparkly.
  11. hearts
    Lady Gaga Is Engaged; Will Wear a Diamond Ring for the Foreseeable Future A heart-shaped ring. Hearts are the shape that traditionally signifies love.
  12. best bets
    A Little Bit of Sparkle to Add to Your Ring StackSimple but unusual.
  13. best bets
    Delicate Stacking Rings That Add SparkleShimmering.
  14. Unusual Stacking Rings to Mix Up Your LookPile them on.
  15. A Simple Ring That Adds SparkleSubtle but eye-catching.
  16. goods
    21 Pieces of Chic, Delicate Summer JewelryPerfect for stacking.
  17. wish list
    An Elegant Pearl Ear-Cuff to Dress Up AnythingInstantly fancy.
  18. shopping
    17 Interesting, Unexpected Ways to Wear PearlsNow sleek and futuristic.
  19. spirit fingers
    Fashion From the Wrists Down: Hands Get Adorned Finger flair.
  20. married-kate and ashley
    Mary-Kate Wants a Baby and a Ring and a Partridge in a Pear TreeA Christmas list develops.
  21. best bets
    Best Bet: Satomi Kawakita Emerald RingDelicate and unusual.
  22. you need this
    Always Shopping: A Delicate Diamond Ring Worthy of a SplurgeStacked or alone, it’s a keeper.
  23. tastemakers
    Annelise Michelson: The Spontaneous Jewelry Designer You Need to KnowThe French jewelry designer wants to surprise you.
  24. marriages
    You Can Marry Yourself for $300 or for FreeDaily affirmation cards included in the kit.
  25. presentations
    Delfina Delettrez Drew Out the Cool Kids for Her Paris PresentationWith her signature quirky, surrealist jewelry and great personal style.
  26. things we saw with zoom
    Angelina Is Wearing Two Wedding Bands NowDid she and Brad get married?
  27. financial equality
    Women Now Paying for Their Own Engagement Rings“Going Dutch.”
  28. jewel drama
    Kelly Clarkson Might Not Get Jane Austen’s RingThanks to the intervention of a mystery donor.
  29. lawsuits
    Costco Says ‘Tiffany’ Is Just a Ring SettingTiffany & Co.’s lawyers feel otherwise.
  30. best bets
    Best Bet: Vita Fede Ultra Mini Crystal Eclipse RingDelicate and perfect for stacking.
  31. goods
    Put a Ring on It: Sixteen Options to Pile on NowStart stocking up and stacking up for a Balenciaga-lite moment.
  32. best bets
    Best Bet: Cina HandpieceA non-bohemian take on the ring-and-bracelet combo.
  33. jewels in motion
    Watch Fall’s Best Jewelry Get AnimatedBalenciaga’s earrings crawl, Auden’s necklace slithers, and Aesa’s cuffs gyrate.
  34. trendlet
    Slideshow: 23 Knockout Knuckle DustersOgle finger-spanning rings by Pamela Love, Bijules, Dannijo, Surface 2 Air, and more.