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  1. riri
    Modern Deity Rihanna Poses With Giant Headless Statue of HerselfIt was erected for the Berlin Biennale. 
  2. concerts
    Rihanna Bursts Into Tears at Concert, Proving Even Gods Are FallibleMaybe she’s extra emotional over the Cavs victory?
  3. Rihanna Is Maybe, Probably, Launching a Makeup LineJust not in the next FourFiveSeconds. 
  4. the year of riri
    Rihanna’s Met Gala Dress Made Everyone Think of Pizza and OmelettesSo hungry.
  5. frost yourselves
    Rihanna Wants to Bring Frosted Lipstick BackAnd green hair?
  6. divas
    Rihanna Is Researching Fashion So She Can Wow You“I wanted to work with a bunch of designers that are kinda underground.”