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  1. risk
    It Hardly Ever Happens But Sometimes It DoesOur new national pastime is calculating relative risk.
  2. vaping
    Are People Dying Because Vaping Is Being Demonized?Many experts think vaping is significantly safer than cigarette smoking, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to American authorities.
  3. concussions
    We All Make Decisions Like the One Wes Welker Just MadeWe’re constantly trying to reconcile what we want today with what might kill us decades from now.
  4. psychology
    What Motivates Extreme Athletes to Take Huge Risks?For many, the answer isn’t what you’d assume. 
  5. public health
    In Airports, Security Theater Is Morphing Into Ebola TheaterAmericans are asking the government to pretend to protect them from a mostly nonexistent threat, and the government is obliging. Everybody wins!
  6. People Who Believe in Guardian Angels Are More CautiousWhat would you do if you believed you had an invisible, mystical being following you around?