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  1. weddings
    A Burglary Didn’t Stop John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh’s WeddingThe $165,000 worth of jewelry McHugh was planning to wear during the ceremony was stolen from her hotel room the night before.
  2. crimes of fashion
    Glamorous Cross-dressing Bank Robber Wanted by the FBICrushed velvet, tulle skirt, kitten heels.
  3. horniness conquers all
    Couple Too Horny to Realize the Bar They’re at Is Being RobbedTrue love is alive.
  4. burglaries
    $550,900 Worth of Hermès Goods Stolen in MilanFrom an unattended van.
  5. heists
    Ax-Wielding, Burka-Clad Burglars Rob SelfridgesThey fled on a moped.
  6. tranny burglars
    See a Video of Cross-Dressing Burglars Making Off With $6K Worth of Chanel BagsThey escaped in a “Champagne-colored SUV.”