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  1. beijing winter olympics
    Robots Are Taking Over the OlympicsIt’s time to welcome our robot overlords.
  2. media
    Future Robot Overlord Pens Surprisingly Tender ‘Modern Love’The New York Times challenged AI to write for its romance column, and the results were, well, unexpected.
  3. passive aggressive robots
    Sophia the Robot Waits Until the Perfect Moment to Get Revenge on Chrissy TeigenA robot never forgets a shady tweet.
  4. dystopia
    Party During Tech Expo Features Robot StrippersCES seems to be going great so far.
  5. robots
    Is Robot Trump a Better Speaker Than Real Trump?Yes.
  6. motherhood
    Even Female Robots Can’t Avoid the ‘Do You Want Kids?’ QuestionRobots: They’re just like us.
  7. Working With Robots Helps People Get AlongNew research found that introducing AI into a group made its human members more flexible and collaborative.
  8. hairy situations
    This New Hairbrush Is Totally Judging YouPay $200 and get hair-shamed by a robot.
  9. This Creepy Baby Robot Is Teaching Scientists How Real Babies LearnWhen it’s not busy haunting your nightmares.
  10. health
    What Scientists Are Learning From a Chain-Smoking RobotIt could be an important breakthrough for better understanding what tobacco does to the human respiratory system.
  11. side chicks
    Chanel Wants You to Wear Robot Heads, Side Ponytails, and CoralCoco Roboto.
  12. Creepy Robot Babies Don’t Deter Teens From SpawningClearly they haven’t seen Toy Story.
  13. robobabies
    Creepy Robot Babies Don’t Deter Teens From SpawningClearly they haven’t seen Toy Story.
  14. Harvard Just Developed the First Entirely Soft RobotAlso, it’s pretty cute.
  15. hot bots
    The 11 Most Memorable Met Gala Beauty LooksThere were definitely looks. 
  16. horrible things
    A Lot of People Would Actually Date That Scarlett Johansson RobotOne in four Brits say they’d be down to date a robot.
  17. This Video Game Could One Day Be Used to Treat Social AnxietyIt matches patients with avatars that act just like them.
  18. sorry nerds
    Looks Like Robots Won’t Be Making Sex ObsoleteA new study finds that humans do not feel comfortable touching the “butts” of robots.
  19. uncanny valley
    Hot Robot Feels More Emotions Than Your ExHer emotions are more complex than the average millennial male’s!
  20. People Blindly Follow Their Robot LeadersEven if they are clearly going the wrong way.
  21. the future
    Robots Could Be Making Your Next Pair of YeezysNo. 1 robot fan Kanye West must be thrilled!
  22. ayo technology
    Shhh, It’s Okay, the Robots Love UsThey want to whisper sweet nothings in our ears.
  23. technology
    Your Driverless Car Could Be Programmed to Kill YouAdventures in the ethics of autonomous vehicles.
  24. ayo technology
    Sex With Robots: Something New to Worry AboutEmbrace the future?
  25. behold the future
    This Creepy Robot Baby Will Force You to SmileResearchers used an animatronic infant to confirm that babies grin to make their moms do it back.
  26. the future
    Could This Be the End of Passive-Aggressive Emails?A helpful new program lets you “tone check” your writing.
  27. companions
    The World’s First Robot With Feelings Is a Big Hit“Pepper” sold out in under a minute.
  28. uncanny valley
    Coming Soon: Sex Dolls That Talk Back to YouThe Real Dolls creator shares his next venture, Realbotix.
  29. friendly robots
    How to Win the Makeup in a Giant Beauty PiñataIt’s all happening on Twitter.
  30. beauty inventions of the future
    Hey, Robots: You’re Terrible at Applying MakeupNot so good at everything, are we, future overlords?
  31. robots
    In the Future, a Robot-Surgeon Will Operate on Your Brain Through Your CheekDr. Bleep-Bloop to surgery, please.
  32. aging
    This Chair Will Hug Your Grandma So Hard — But at What Cost?The tricky ethic of technology-assisted comfort for the elderly.
  33. technological advances
    Coming Soon: A Computer That Knows How You FeelPotentially better than your roommate and/or mother.
  34. madame tyra
    In the Future Everyone Will Look Like Beyoncé Or so says Tyra Banks.
  35. look of the day
    Fergie Is Out of This WorldDo you like wearing robot-inspired looks?
  36. hot bots
    Robot Model Walks in JapanHuman models are probably so nervous about this.
  37. domo arigato mrs. roboto
    Japan’s New Robot Fashion Model Threatens Real Models WorldwideIt would also make an ideal contestant for the next season of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’