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  1. politics
    Rockettes Boss Asks Dancers to Be ‘Tolerant of Intolerance’In a private meeting to discuss the presidential-inauguration performance.
  2. politics
    Rockette Says Performing at Trump’s Inauguration Is a ‘Women’s Rights Issue’“Doing this would cause trauma for some people.”
  3. inauguration 2017
    Union Representing Rockettes Reportedly Calls Inauguration Boycott ‘Invalid’“Any talk of boycotting this event is invalid.”
  4. holidaze
    Celebrate the Holidays With 692 Rockette LegsHappy holidays from the Cut.
  5. life ball
    Exclusive Video: Diane Von Furstenberg and the Rockettes in ViennaWarning: It’s loaded with the kind of so-cute-your-head-might-explode footage usually reserved for puppies on YouTube.
  6. life ball
    The Rockettes Get a Makeover, Then Get Rained OutSee exclusive pics of Radio City divas’ Diane Von Furstenberg–designed outfits.