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  1. targeted
    Target Is Reviving Designs From Their Best Designer CollectionsSometimes the best new ideas are old ideas.
  2. fashion’s night out
    Fashion’s Night Out Ping-Pong Face-offFind out who’s been practicing with Chinese Olympians, who’s been carb-loading, and who plays dirty.
  3. fashion’s night out
    Where to Be on Fashion’s Night OutEighteen can’t-miss spots for shopping, drinking, elbow-rubbing, and generally proving to your Midwestern friends how cool New York is.
  4. weirdness
    Fashion Claims Stake in Garment District With Luxe Shopping Destination in Port AuthorityNext month you can buy Charlotte Ronson, Thom Browne Black Fleece, Acne, and more in the nasty bus terminal.
  5. collaboration station
    Rogan to Do Second Target LineMost designers don’t do diffusion lines like this more than once. What gives?
  6. run through
    Michael Stipe to Unveil Sculptures at New Rogan StoreMichael Stipe is showing his collection of bronze objects for one month this summer in the new Rogan store on Bowery. We have a preview of the pieces!
  7. loose threads
    Magazines Vie for ‘Project Runway’ Spot; DVF Makes Walk of FameFive magazines are bidding on the season-six ‘Project Runway’ sponsorship spot, Diane Von Furstenberg will be added to the Fashion Walk of Fame, and Victoria Beckham says TomKat are “normal.”
  8. run through
    New Owners Could Prompt Barneys Chief to ResignHoward Socol reportedly plans to resign less than a year after new owners took over the luxury chain. Perhaps the crippled economy or Barneys’ new affinity for cheap merchandise is getting to him.
  9. first responders
    Rogan on Bowery Preview: Fashionistas and Forties!Far from the rarefied air of Barneys, where his Target line will go on sale on Friday, the enviro-friendly designer seemed quite at home in his new retail space.
  10. run through
    Why Barneys Is Selling Rogan’s Target Line This WeekendThis weekend you can buy Target clothes at Barneys. But retail experts just don’t understand why Barneys thinks this is a good idea.
  11. party lines
    Rogan Feels Guilty About Not Being in the Peace CorpsAt last night’s Earth Day party at Barneys, Rogan Gregory talked about ecofriendly trendwear, green accessories, and his Peace Corps–loving sis.