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  1. roll clip!
    Meryl Streep’s Big Little Lies Scream Is the Song of SummerOh, sorry, is her grief too loud for you?
  2. roll clip!
    A Robe-Wearing Sophie Turner Toasts Arya’s Game of Thrones ‘Pussaayyyyyy’ ActionThe wine glass really makes it.
  3. roll clip!
    Nicole Kidman, Trailblazing Weirdo, Loves Eating BugsIt’s her “secret talent.”
  4. roll clip!
    Here’s Salma Hayek Recounting That Time Trump Hit on HerShocking.
  5. awkward moments
    Jerry Seinfeld Dodging a Hug Attempt From Kesha Is Peak Cringe ComedySeveral hug attempts, to be exact.
  6. Saturday Night Live’s Cartier Spinner Lets You Fidget in StyleIt’s so shiny!
  7. roll clip!
    Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon Are Hollywood Legends in This SNL Sketch“That’s Tinseltown, baby!”
  8. roll clip!
    The Dystopia of SNL’s The Handmaid’s Tale Is a Major Bummer for the Bros, TooFrom what they’ve heard, dystopia blows.
  9. Kellyanne Conway Is Carmen Sandiego in This Saturday Night Live SpoofBut no one wants to find her.
  10. harry styles
    Here’s Why Harry Styles Sent Kiwis to Fans Waiting in Line for SNLSuch trickery!
  11. roll clip!
    Saturday Night Live Takes on Pepsi Ad, Kendall Jenner“We’re just kind of using them to sell soda? Right. Gonna be bad.”
  12. broad city
    Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Go Through the Quickest Friend Breakup EverLike they could ever be separated from each other.
  13. roll clip!
    Susan Sarandon Defends Trump Comments on The Late Show“It’s doing great things for comedy.”
  14. roll clip!
    Watch Hugh Grant Re-create His Love Actually Dance SequenceHe’s still prime minister!
  15. roll clip!
    Watch Lady Gaga Surprise and Delight Everyone on RuPaul’s Drag Race“That’s a damn good Lady Gaga impersonator.”
  16. Lindsay Lohan Wants to Steal Your Phone for Her Anti-Social Network Prank ShowLohan hosts a prank show where she takes over brave contestant’s social media accounts.
  17. roll clip!
    Watch the Trailer for Hulu’s New Brothel Drama, HarlotsStarring Downton’s Lady Sybil!
  18. roll clip!
    SNL Bestows Ivanka Trump With Her Own ‘Complicit’ FragranceBeautiful, powerful … complicit.
  19. roll clip!
    Sensitive Men Dominate Saturday Night Live’s ‘Sketch for the Women’Have you heard about these things called “microaggressions”?
  20. roll clip!
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Goes on a Real Journey Watching Her Son’s Basketball GameShe’s a very big Northwestern fan.
  21. love and war
    Saturday Night Live’s Feminist Dudes Are Too Real“I’m so sorry about my fellow man.”
  22. Leslie Jones Really Wants to Play Donald Trump, and It’s FantasticMake it so, Lorne Michaels.
  23. roll clip!
    Melissa McCarthy Rages As Sean Spicer on Saturday Night LiveSealed with a spicy kiss.
  24. roll clip!
    Whoopi Goldberg Gets Really Frank About the Effects of AgingSpecifically, aging and pubes.
  25. the taylor swift experience
    Watch Taylor Swift Get Acoustic at What Might Be Her Only Concert of the YearSoak her in while you can.
  26. roll clip!
    Melissa McCarthy Debuts Her Incredible Sean Spicer Impression on SNL“I’m not here to be your buddy. I’m here to swallow gum and take names.”
  27. roll clip!
    Kristen Stewart Makes Pizza Rolls Sexy in This Saturday Night Live Sketch“Babe, what’s taking so long with those Totinos? You girls making out back there?”
  28. roll clip!
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Releases ‘Period Sex’ Video“Put down a towel, party till it’s dry.”
  29. things that are awkward
    Here’s a Video of Justin Bieber Getting Smashed Into a Wall by a Hockey PlayerBaby, baby, baby … oooouch.
  30. video
    Trevor Noah on South African Feminists: ‘The Most Dangerous Freedom Fighters’“I grew up in a world that was very matriarchal.”
  31. inauguration 2017
    Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Prepare for the Trumpocalypse“Pence looks like a wooden doll from the ‘50s.”
  32. bachelor nation
    Saturday Night Live Takes Aim at The Bachelor’s Nick ViallYou know you’ve made it when SNL makes a sketch about you.
  33. roll clip!
    Kate McKinnon’s Susan B. Anthony Is Really Annoying in This SNL Sketch“Also, abortion is murder!”
  34. roll clip!
    Tina Fey Honors Carrie Fisher With Saturday Night Live CameoShe also got a dig in at Trump.
  35. roll clip!
    KUWTK Promo Addresses Kim Kardashian’s RobberyThe show returns in March.
  36. roll clip!
    Kylie Jenner and Tyga Look Very Damp in This Music VideoPut down the cigarettes, Kylie!
  37. roll clip!
    Teen Vogue Writer Lauren Duca Owns Tucker Carlson on His Own Show“You’re actually being a partisan hack.”
  38. roll clip!
    Hillary Clinton Meets Love Actually in SNL ShortSo many cue cards.
  39. roll clip!
    Watch a Teaser for the Final Season of GirlsThe gang’s all (reluctantly) here.
  40. critics choice awards 2016
    See Viola Davis’s #SeeHer Award Acceptance Speech at the Critics’ Choice Awards“I truly believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
  41. roll clip!
    Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant Save Santa and Fight Sexism on Saturday Night LiveDyke and Fats are back to save Christmas!
  42. roll clip!
    Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig Will Make You Want to Hug All the CatsSNL revisits “Whiskers R We” for some cat-lady jokes that are actually funny.
  43. roll clip!
    Rachel Bloom Trips Out, Becomes a Heart-Eating Dinosaur in This ClipHallucinogens are a helluva drug.
  44. roll clip!
    Martha Stewart Reveals Her Sexting Past During a Game of ‘Never Have I Ever’“I have used technology for a lot longer than you have.”
  45. the 411
    Mary J. Blige Talks With, Sings at Hillary Clinton in 411 Show on Apple MusicThe 411 will debut on Apple Music on September 30.
  46. roll clip
    Channing Tatum Kindly Served As a Human Statue for Simone Biles’s Olympic MedalsFangirl and selfie away, you two.
  47. pokemon catchers beware
    Rihanna Says Don’t Play Pokémon at Her ConcertsCatch Rihanna then Rattata.
  48. roll clip!
    Adele to Her Critics: ‘Suck My Dick’Visconti responds: “I cannot apologize for something taken the wrong way.”