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  1. crime
    Romance Novel Cover Model Pleads Guilty to Multiple RobberiesPolice embarked on a cross-country manhunt to find David Byers.
  2. ahooga
    Horny Audiobook Listeners Can Now Skip Straight Ahead to the Sex ScenesAudible knows what romance-novel fans want.
  3. male models
    This Male Model Has Appeared on More Romance Novel Covers Than FabioJason Baca talks romance-novel cover modeling and eating a ton of chicken breasts.
  4. hairy situations
    Fabio Takes Care of His Hair Better Than YouCan’t you tell?
  5. beautiful ignorance
    Romance-Novel Authors Are Confused About Fisting. No One Correct Them, Please.“Dawn’s heart was fisting.”
  6. romance
    Where in America Are We Desperate for Romance?Amazon lists cities by romance novel purchases and Barry White downloads. 
  7. gender vs. genre
    Meet Bill Spence, Romance-Novel-Writing GrandpaAwww.