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Romantic Comedies

  1. romcoms
    The Story Behind Cameron Diaz’s Cringeworthy My Best Friend’s Wedding KaraokeThe moment is iconic for being both awkward and adorable.
  2. Why ‘Happily Ever After’ Isn’t Trendy AnymoreRomantic comedies aren’t what they used to be. Can Hollywood sense our growing exhaustion with finding ‘the one’?
  3. movies
    Sex Is Funny. Love Is Funny. So Where Are All the Great New Romantic Comedies?People aren’t “tired” of funny stories about love.
  4. school’s in session
    The Green Bay Packers Have Terrible Taste in ‘Rom-Coms’The Devil Wears Prada is not a rom-com.
  5. romance
    Where in America Are We Desperate for Romance?Amazon lists cities by romance novel purchases and Barry White downloads. 
  6. ad campaigns
    Burberry Trenches Star in Rom-Com SequenceRomance, belted and in caramel.
  7. what becomes of the broken-hearted
    Sorry, Friends, the Rom-Com Is DeadBoo.
  8. down on her luck
    If Only Katherine Heigl’s Real Life Were a Rom ComWhen an ambitious woman falls from grace in a movie, it saves her.
  9. first daughters
    Jenna Bush’s Childbirth Was Just Like a Rom-ComHer water broke at her baby shower.