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  1. @tavitulle
    Who Would Tavi Gevinson Be Without Instagram?Confessions from inside the algorithm.
  2. media
    How Rookie Changed the Internet for Girls and WomenOn Friday, Tavi Gevinson announced that Rookie is folding.
  3. The New Frontier in Celebrity Spon-Con: Tavi Gevinson Advertises Her Own AddressThe actress and “Rookie” editor posts Instagram ads for her new luxury building in Brooklyn.
  4. Tavi Gevinson Is Reportedly Working on a Book About Her Life in New York“Page Six” says it will be about acting in plays and New York.
  5. great conversations
    Watch Tavi Gevinson Talk About Acting and Authenticity Watch her full interview from yesterday’s Vulture Festival.
  6. careers
    How to Be a Boss: Drink Hot Sauce And other professional advice from Grimes.
  7. advice column requested
    Here’s the Right Way to Deal With Cat CallsCourtesy of SNL’s Sasheer Zamata.
  8. profile
    At 18, Tavi Gevinson Is a Fashion Veteran—and a Broadway Rookie“Every time I’m like, What if I go to New York and I get caught up and I become a horrible person? But then I’m also like, I’m about to discover a lot of things about myself.”
  9. commonalities
    What Do Teen Girls and Middle-Aged Dudes Have in Common?Compelling television. 
  10. See: ‘Discharge,’ Petra Collins’s First Solo ExhibitionTalking to the 21-year-old photographer about puberty, pubic hair, and Rihanna.
  11. quotables
    Teenage Introspection Gets Old, Even for TaviIn her latest for Rookie, Gevinson outsmarts angst. 
  12. quotables
    Tavi and Lorde Just Had the Paramount Girl Talk Seven highlights. 
  13. q&a
    Tavi on Applying to College, Acting, and Quitting FashionInterviewing the wunderkind blogger on her first film role and her plans to move to New York. But only if she gets a road trip in first.
  14. quotables
    Judy Blume, Forever on the A-Cup Team The beloved author talks to Rookie about boobs and book-banning.
  15. rookie
    Tavi’s Teen Army Declares Twitter War on Voyeur ‘Growns’They’re better at the Internet than we are.
  16. kids these days
    Tavi Gevinson Is So Over Fashion (for Now)She’ll stick to Rookie, high school, and friends.
  17. profile
    The Very Rapid Rise of the Very Precocious Photographer Olivia BeeAt 18, she makes Ryan McGinley seem like he was a late bloomer.
  18. quotables
    Ira Glass Has ‘Re-spect’ for Tavi GevinsonPunctuation intended.
  19. kids these days
    Some of Tavi’s Teachers ‘Are Covert Rookie Fans’“Some of them seem kind of resentful that I miss a lot of school.”
  20. things that are printed on paper
    Tavi’s Print Project, Rookie Yearbook One, to Be on Sale This SeptemberIt will include a paper crown by Meadham Kirchhoff.
  21. fashion week preview fall 2012
    Video: Tavi Packs for New York Fashion WeekPink tulle skirts! Laugh In-themed jackets! 
  22. kids these days
    Tavi Will Sing Neil Young Live During Fashion WeekBut will she go to any shows?
  23. better than twilight
    The Mulleavy Sisters List Their Favorite Buffy Episodes for RookieIt goes without saying that they have great taste in TV.
  24. kids these days
    Tavi on Fashion Week: ‘People Were Confused’“But this is coming from an industry that fetishizes youth!”
  25. kids these days
    Look, It’s Tavi in the New Wilco Music VideoShe’s apparently buddies with lead singer Jeff Tweedy’s son.
  26. kids these days
    Tavi and Hailee Steinfeld Posed for Pictures at Disneyland YesterdayThey went on some rides.
  27. quotables
    Tavi: ‘It Feels Like Half of the Internet Consists of Teenagers Wishing They Were Alive in the Sixties’Give 2011 some credit, you guys.
  28. the bloggers
    Tavi Made a Joke About Having ‘Middle-Age Adult Ghostwriters’ on the Early ShowShe was asked how on earth she had to time to do Rookie AND homework.