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  1. what i learned
    A Quarantine Diary of My Terrible RoommatesBad boyfriends, jettisoned wine, and passive-aggressive living.
  2. roommates
    Wait, Marianne Williamson and Laura Dern Used to Be Roommates?Transcendental meditation works in mysterious ways.
  3. my two cents
    I Think My Broke Roommate Is Taking Advantage of MeBut I also feel bad for her!
  4. science of us
    When You Love Clutter and Your Partner Is a MinimalistLiving together is tough when one member of the relationship is a pack rat and the other hates having too much stuff.
  5. everyday racism
    White Student Arrested After Bragging She Spit in Black Roommate’s Coconut OilJazzy Rowe says her University of Hartford roommate went to sickening lengths to get her to move out.
  6. What to Do When You Feel Like the Only Roommate Who Ever CleansIt’s easy to miss the work that other people are putting in.
  7. sex diaries
    The Woman Embracing Eroticism to Cope With the ElectionThis week’s sex diary.
  8. Here’s Why Living Alone May Be Bad for Your HealthSocial isolation can lead to premature deaths.
  9. draaahma!
    Enjoy This Dramatic Email Sent to a UCLA Freshman by Her Future Roommate“I’ll turn it into a bigger situation so don’t try me.”
  10. ewww
    We Live in a Poop-Covered WorldYour roommate’s poop germs could be on your toothbrush.
  11. Envy Nearly Wrecked My Best FriendshipI wanted what he had, which I imagined to be the Dream.
  12. advice
    Ask Polly: Should I Live Alone So I Can Act Weird and Not Feel Ashamed?Nah.
  13. college week
    Watch College Roommates Air Secret Grievances at Each OtherWe asked roommates to confront each other with their biggest complaints. 
  14. In Praise of the Rando Freshman RoommateYou learn a lot more in college when you live with someone who isn’t like you.
  15. What Mismatched Roommates Teach Each Other The downside of new programs designed to match compatible college roomies.