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  1. reviews
    Post Malone’s Rosé Is … Totally Kind of Okay?Four writers weigh in on the surprising summer beverage.
  2. scent memories
    Natasha Gregson Wagner Loves the Smell of Dog PawsTalking to Natalie Wood’s daughter about childhood memories and the best burger in L.A.
  3. let’s makeup
    Huda Beauty Relaunched Its Most Popular Palette With a New FormulaFounder Huda Kattan decided it was time to innovate.
  4. bieber beat
    Justin Bieber Spent His Holiday Weekend Drinking Rosé and Hugging PeopleBieber’s hugging spree continues.
  5. lunchtime buy
    This Gel Mask Saved My Dry, Flaky Skin Just in Time for My WeddingFollowing a catastrophic sulfur treatment and just in time for my wedding.
  6. You’ll Either Love or Hate Elizabeth & James’s New Scent. There’s No In-Between.You’ll either love it or hate it. There’s no in-between.
  7. summer water
    The Best Rosé Wines to Drink All SummerYour guide to summer water.
  8. am i dying
    Is My Rosé Habit Ruining My Teeth?What wine really does to your pearly whites.
  9. beverages
    Yes Way, Brosé: Men Finally Realizing Rosé Is the BestTook ‘em long enough.
  10. fragrant friday
    A Fragrance for All the Vanilla HatersYou won’t smell like a holiday gift shop.
  11. dire problems you can’t even drink away
    There’s a Severe Rosé Shortage in the HamptonsChic, pink, and hard to come by. 
  12. prom
    Teens, Also Drinking Too Much Rosé This SummerPlease let rosé be the new Smirnoff Ice.
  13. a good wine
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Made the Best Rosé in the WorldWould a rosé by any other celebrity taste as sweet?