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Royal Inquiries

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    Guess How Much Amal Clooney’s Royal Wedding Dress CostsIt’s now available for purchase online.
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    Wait, How Many ‘Last Corgis’ Does the Queen Have?Her last corgi just died … months after her other last corgi died. Hmm.
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    What Will Meghan Markle Have to Give Up Now That She’s Royal?Royal life requires some sacrifices.
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    Here’s All the Best Gossip From the Royal WeddingFrom kid drama to who George Clooney danced with at the reception.
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    How to Drink Like a Royal (Just in Time for the Wedding)Your royal expert’s handy guide to getting fancy drunk.
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    A Brief History of Royal Wedding ScandalsA royal expert on the best royal wedding drama.
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    How Do Royals Spend Their Wedding Nights?Your trusty expert on the history of royal wedding nights.
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    What Are the Official Rules for Royal Wedding Guests?Your royal expert explains it all.
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    Your Official Guide to All the Women Prince Harry Dated Before Meghan MarkleA royal expert on all the blondes who came before Meghan.
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    What Are the Most Bizarre Royal Etiquette Rules?Your royal (and politeness) expert explains it all.
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    Which Royals Have Secret Social-Media Accounts?Your royal expert has all the info on these fancy lurkers.
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    Everything to Know About the History of the New Royal Baby’s NameA royal expert explains.
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    Ask a Royal Expert: Can You Bring Your Baby to a Royal Wedding?The first inquiry for our royal expert.