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  1. royals
    The Princess Of Wales Opens Evelina London's New Children's Day Surgery Unit
    Kate Middleton Is Reportedly ‘Doing Well’The update on her health comes as Prince William backed out of an engagement due to a “personal matter.”
  2. royals
    What’s Up With Meghan and Harry’s Big Rebrand?The couple recently relaunched their website, reintroducing themselves as the “Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry Plans to See Charles ‘As Much As I Can’After learning of the king’s cancer diagnosis, Harry said, “I jumped on a plane and went to see him as soon as I could.”
  4. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have a New WebsiteSomeone’s itching for a new gig.
  5. royals
    King Charles Is Grateful for ‘Encouragement’ Amid Cancer TreatmentHe was seen walking with Queen Camilla this weekend.
  6. super bowl 2024
    Prince Harry Helped Kick Off Super Bowl WeekendOn the heels of a busy week, he made a surprise appearance at the NFL Honors in Vegas.
  7. royals
    What Happens If King Charles Can’t Work?In the wake of his cancer diagnosis, questions linger about the future of the monarchy.
  8. royals
    Prince William Appreciates ‘Kind Messages’ Following King’s DiagnosisHe also found time to hang with Tom Cruise.
  9. royals
    Prince Harry Paid King Charles a Quick VisitFollowing the king’s cancer diagnosis, the two reportedly met in person for about 45 minutes.
  10. oh?
    Sophie Turner Is Getting Serious With Her AristocratPeregrine “Perry” Pearson appeared in a handful of ski-trip photos on Instagram.
  11. royals
    Kate Middleton Is Home From the HospitalFollowing her planned abdominal surgery earlier this month.
  12. rumor has it
    Turns Out the Danish Royal Family Has Drama, TooCould Queen Margrethe’s surprise abdication be an attempt to cover up her son’s alleged affair?
  13. celebrity
    Meghan Markle Returns to ActingShe has a supporting role in an Instagram ad for coffee.
  14. keeping up with the royals
    Dutch Translator Denies Revealing Royal SecretsAfter Endgame was pulled from shelves in the Netherlands for an “error” that appeared to name names.
  15. celebrity
    Don’t You Dare Eat Popcorn Next to Lesley ManvilleShe may play a rebel on The Crown, but in real life she’d prefer if people followed at least a few simple rules.
  16. real estate
    King Charles Awards Prince Andrew a ‘Stay of Execution’A new report claims the disgraced royal will hold onto his big huge house.
  17. new yawk
    Big Willy Hits the CityHe came, he saw, he waded.
  18. sure why not
    One Name to Rule Them AllIntroducing Princess Maria Chiara di Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Noto and Capri.
  19. keeping up with the royals
    Harry and Meghan Are Not Getting Divorced and They Want You to Know All About ItA close read of the Montecito residents’ PR strategy against the headlines.
  20. keeping up with the royals
    The ‘Daily Mirror’ and Prince Harry Agree on One ThingAccording to the tabloid, royals really do leak stories to the press.
  21. keeping up with the royals
    The Most Side-Eye Moments From the CoronationBlood feuds, big snubs, and boredom as King Charles III is crowned.
  22. king charles coronation
    The Headwear of the Coronation, RankedCrowns, tiaras, and fascinators galore.
  23. keeping up with the royals
    All the Looks From King Charles III’s CoronationRobes, crowns, and Katy Perry.
  24. king charles coronation
    Introducing Queen CamillaCharles wasn’t the only one getting crowned on Saturday.
  25. keeping up with the royals
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the CoronationWinnie-the-Pooh has RSVP’d “yes.”
  26. keeping up with the royals
    King Charles Is Way Weirder Than You Realize21 fun facts about Britain’s strange new monarch.
  27. keeping up with the royals
    Just How Awkward Could the Coronation Be for Prince Harry?Sounds as if many of the senior royals have no plans to speak to him past the basic hellos.
  28. keeping up with the royals
    Has Prince Andrew’s Teddy-Bear Collection Been Confiscated?His Buckingham Palace apartment has reportedly been revoked, and with it, his dozens of stuffed toys.
  29. keeping up with the royals
    Another Royal Baby Is ForthcomingBy our count, they will be 13th in line to the throne.
  30. culture
    Prince Harry Is Upset About the Wrong ThingHis memoir reveals the limits of his rebellion against a violent and racist institution.
  31. royals
    Is This the Vilest Attack on Meghan Markle Yet?Meghan and Harry called out Jeremy Clarkson’s pattern of spreading “hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories, and misogyny.”
  32. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry’s Open BookWith its relentless candor, Spare reveals more than the author may have intended.
  33. royals
    Former Royal Staffer Apologizes for Racist CommentsNgozi Fulani says she’s been attacked online since sharing her experience.
  34. keeping up with the royals
    The Royals Are Releasing a TV Special of Their OwnA Christmas special, featuring Craig David.
  35. royals
    Harry & Meghan’s Royal ContradictionWhen you release a six-hour, behind-the-scenes look at your life, it’s harder to argue that you wish the media would leave you alone.
  36. royals
    Everything We Learned From Harry & MeghanTakeaways from their highly anticipated Netflix docuseries.
  37. keeping up with the royals
    Of Course Harry and Meghan Have Matching Penguin SuitsOur king and queen of corniness.
  38. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan and Harry’s Docuseries Certainly Looks TenseThey are ready to tell all … again.
  39. keeping up with the royals
    Will and Kate’s Big Night Out (in Boston)The Prince and Princess of Wales received mixed reviews at a Celtics game on Wednesday.
  40. royals
    How Does Boston Like Will and Kate?The royals received a mixed response at Wednesday night’s Celtics game.
  41. fact check
    The Queen Loved Her Big Singing BassOne thing The Crown got right.
  42. tampongate
    The Crown’s Prince Charles Has Never Looked BetterThe drama’s fifth season goes out of its way to humanize the new monarch — starting with Tampongate.
  43. keeping up with the royals
    King Charles Never Leaves Home Without His Toilet Seat (Allegedly)According to a royal biographer, it’s one of many weird objects he likes to keep on-hand.
  44. royals
    Prince Harry Is Going Full-Speed Ahead on His MemoirRandom House announced the title and a release date.
  45. royals
    Why Are Brits So Stressed About The Crown?Royals, politicians, and Dame Judi Dench are concerned the upcoming season will damage the reputation of King Charles and his family.
  46. keeping up with the royals
    Update: The Queen’s Corgis Are AliveBut are they well?
  47. the royal family
    The Paddington Bears Left for Queen Elizabeth Have a New HomeThe Royal Parks service previously asked mourners to stop bringing teddy bears for the queen.
  48. royals
    What to Know About the Royal SuccessionBuckingham Palace has tweeted a save-the-date notice for King Charles’s coronation.
  49. the royals
    Did You Think There Wouldn’t Be Drama at the Queen’s Funeral?A recap of Monday’s tenser moments — from wardrobe disputes to seating-arrangement snubs.
  50. royals
    Meghan Markle Paid Homage to the QueenHer funeral outfit included earrings that were a gift from the late monarch.
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