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  1. rude
    Please Stop Body-shaming This BearLeave Angela alone.
  2. rude
    Show Us the Rude CarrotThis phallic vegetable was too suggestive for New Zealand viewers.
  3. rude
    The Grammys Really Asked Tiffany Haddish to Work for Free“Disrespectful” indeed!
  4. rude
    You’ll Never Unhear Paris Hilton’s Butt SongSorry!
  5. bey day
    Beyoncé Has All the Best Lines on Everything Is LoveSorry, not sorry, Spotify.
  6. rude
    DJ Khaled Explains Why He Doesn’t Go Down on WomenMajor Key Alert.
  7. rude
    Reagan Reportedly Turned Off His Hearing Aids During Dinner With His WifeAccording to Sheila Tate’s new book about Nancy Reagan.
  8. Rude!
    Rude of This Giant Potato to Overshadow the Bride on Her Wedding DayTypical.
  9. rude
    Will Meryl Streep’s Children Please Just Let Her Sing?Come be our mom, Meryl Streep. We’ll let you sing any time you want.
  10. etiquette
    I Put on Makeup in Public — Deal With ItAn impassioned rant based on a real-life experience this morning.