Rules to Live By

Inspired by our popular etiquette guide: New rules for behaving in polite society.


Kali Reis Wants You to Come Correct

How the True Detective actress went from the boxing ring to co-starring with Jodie Foster.

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  3. Ariana Madix’s Dating Red FlagsThere’s one move you definitely shouldn’t make when ordering cocktails in front of the bartender and Vanderpump star.
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  6. Rap Sh!t Star Aida Osman Is Blessed“Something that my mom used to say all the time is that you need to make believers, not enemies, when you speak.”
  7. Saucy Santana on How to Be a Material GirlThe hitmaker and face of Thread Beauty says the key is maintaining stylish long nails and carrying a chic bag.
  8. How an Art Curator Survives BaselCurator Jenée-Daria Strand has a “Virgo list” for everything.
  9. You Can Keep Your Shoes on at Delaney Rowe’s HouseThe cringe connoisseur of TikTok is “the opposite of a germaphobe.”
  10. Don’t You Dare Eat Popcorn Next to Lesley ManvilleShe may play a rebel on The Crown, but in real life she’d prefer if people followed at least a few simple rules.
  11. Jennifer Coolidge’s No. 1 Date Night Rule? A Big Tip.The Golden Globes winner dropped a limited-edition lip kit with e.l.f. Cosmetics, and it’s far from your basic nude.
  12. Matt Rogers Wants You to Have a Merry Little Orgasm This ChristmasThe comedian’s new album, “Have You Heard of Christmas?,” is heavy on holiday lust.
  13. Christina Aguilera Will Never Have Sex to “Let’s Get It On”And other (non-)rules for the bedroom from the pop diva turned sexual-wellness brand founder.
  14. Give Fran Lebowitz an Aisle SeatYou never know when you’ll need to make a quick escape.
  15. Donna Kelce Doesn’t Give Dating Advice“When it comes to love life, let me tell you right now, they’re not coming to me.”
  16. Don’t Ever Send Issa Rae an Edible Arrangement“You might as well throw a tomato at me.”
  17. Don’t Ask Maggie Gyllenhaal to Buy Off the RegistryBut she will gift you a lipstick from her purse.
  18. Don’t Sit on Sai De Silva’s BedThe RHONY star and podcast host likes to keep it clean in her house.
  19. Sedona Prince Probably Won’t Read This InterviewThe college-basketball star opens up about viral relationships and her fear of being dunked on by a robot.
  20. Feel Free to Vape Around Sasha Colby“Hit your little vape, but keep the flower at home.”
  21. We Can All Agree Angie Martinez’s Rap Era Was IconicThe Voice of New York is still celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary — with the many lessons and relationships she’s made along the way.
  22. You Can Never Be Overdressed to Watch TennisAnd other style tips from Morgan Riddle, the most-recognized tennis WAG in the game.
  23. Imagine Being Rihanna’s MuseSupermodel Jazzelle Zanaughtti on her Fenty Beauty collaboration, anti-beauty standards, and etiquette rules.
  24. MC Lyte Is Big on Giving People Their FlowersThe hip-hop legend behind Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop always makes sure to pay it forward.
  25. Havana Rose Liu Wants You to Cry in PublicThe Bottoms star says there’s no shame in turning on the waterworks, no matter where you are.
  26. Usher’s No. 1 Dinner-Party Rule: No Potato SaladMr. Raymond’s etiquette guide includes never letting friends drink alone.
  27. Simone Ashley Travels With a Suitcase Just for Skin CareIt’s one of her rules to live by.
  28. Zoë Chao’s Virgo Is ShowingTrue to her astrological sign, The Afterparty actress wishes she had more rules to follow in her life.
  29. Sarita Choudhury Loves Gifting a NegligeeThe And Just Like That … actor on the joy of giving spicy gifts.
  30. Esther Perel’s Advice for Giving Advice (and Hosting Dinner Parties)And other thoughts on intimacy from a bona fide intimacy expert.
  31. Abby Elliott Tames The BearThe Saturday Night Live alum is back as the only put-together character on TV’s most chaotic show.
  32. No ‘Geniuses’ AllowedCouple and collaborative artistic duo Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan are always learning in their studio.
  33. Sarah Goldberg Can’t Make It Tonight, She Has Lines to LearnAnd other Canadian white lies the ‘Barry’ and ‘SisterS’ star admits to telling.
  34. Michaela Watkins Is “Honest to a Fault”Unlike her You Hurt My Feelings character, the actress has a hard time telling little white lies.
  35. Richie Shazam’s No. 1 Rule When Posing: Give OptionsShazam released a book showcasing her best subject: herself.
  36. Onstage, Hayley Williams Follows No RulesThe Paramore front woman once aimed for the worst-dressed list; now, she embraces the fashion world.
  37. Lizzo: ‘I Am the Beauty Standard’The artist partnered with Dove to push for legislation that limits young people’s exposure to toxic beauty content on social media.
  38. Vanessa Hudgens Goes Where the Spirits Tell HerHer intuition led her to Salem instead of Coachella this year.
  39. Ghost Stories Make the Best IcebreakersAm I Being Unreasonable? star Daisy May Cooper makes the case for paranormal small talk and self-deprecating humor.
  40. Even Flo Milli Gets Starstruck SometimesThe 23-year-old rapper taking the Coachella stage this month is all about connecting with other artists.