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  1. relationship rumors
    Reese Witherspoon Is Absolutely Not Dating Tom BradyAccording to their reps, they haven’t even met, okay?
  2. drama
    Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Something Navy?After wild rumors about a divorce and embezzlement scandal, it turns out influencer Arielle Charnas’s lifestyle brand is simply not doing well.
  3. celebrity
    Travis Scott Denies Cheating on Kylie JennerBut model Rojean Kar says otherwise.
  4. lea michele
    Yes, Lea Michele Can ReadAnd saying that she can’t is sexist, she told the New York Times.
  5. celebrity
    Nicole Shanahan Denies Having an Affair With Elon MuskHer lawyer called the WSJ story an “outright lie.”
  6. rumors
    No, Zendaya Is Not PregnantTikTok yet again manages to spread chaos and misinformation.
  7. rumors
    Why Did Everyone Think Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Broke Up?Louis Pisano has apologized for his “reckless tweets.”
  8. rumors
    Please Do Not Ask Issa Rae If She’s Pregnant“Let a b*tch eat drink and be merry,” she tweeted.
  9. rumors
    Pete Davidson, You TeaseHe alluded to his rumored romance with Kim Kardashian West during a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
  10. buckle up
    There’s Already So Much Good Celebrity Gossip This YearA hot new couple alert, an influencer baby-name feud, and so much more.
  11. rumors
    Jake Gyllenhaal Denies Staring at Jake Gyllenhaal All DayDespite reports, the actor does not live in a Jake Gyllenhaal museum of his own making.
  12. celebrity
    Jessica Biel Is Apparently Still Pissed at Justin TimberlakeA month after he was seen holding hands with his co-star, and a few weeks after his public apology.
  13. rumors
    Brad Pitt Is Now ‘Not Dating’ a Holistic HealerAfter months of not dating an MIT professor.
  14. yikes
    Is Diddy Dating His Son’s Ex-Girlfriend?Awkward.
  15. keeping up with the royals
    Is Meghan Markle Editing British Vogue?Us Weekly seems to think so.
  16. breakups
    Are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Really Over?He allegedly cheated on Khloe with Kylie Jenner’s best friend.
  17. celebrity couples
    It Sounds Like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Might Actually Be MarriedHere’s everything we know — or think we know — about their rumored marriage.
  18. rumors
    Anna Wintour Responds Directly to Retirement Rumors“Respect it, please.”
  19. rumors
    Beyoncé’s Fans Think She Could Be PregnantThe Bey Hive has spoken.
  20. rumors
    Bill Cosby and His Wife Are Not Getting Divorced, According to His Rep“There are no issues in the marriage.”
  21. drake’s baby
    Report: Drake Has Been Financially Supporting the Mother of His Alleged SonPusha-T was wrong about Drake, say sources close to Drake.
  22. drake’s baby
    Everything We Know About Drake’s Rumored BabyIs Drake a daddy?
  23. dating rumors
    Is Donald Trump Jr. Dating a Fox News Host?They’ve reportedly been seeing each other for a few weeks.
  24. met gala 2018
    Celebs Apparently Don’t Think the Met Gala Is ‘an Enjoyable Evening’One source described the event as “the Mean Girls of galas.”
  25. power
    National Enquirer Reportedly Paid to Quash Rumor of Trump Love ChildThe National Enquirer allegedly paid a doorman $30,000 to keep quiet about a rumor that Trump fathered a child with one of his former employees.
  26. rumors
    Vogue Says There’s ‘Zero Truth’ to Rumor That Anna Wintour Is Out at Condé NastRumors are swirling that Vogue’s longtime editor-in-chief could be on her way out.
  27. media
    Mika Brzezinski Throws Michael Wolff Off Show Over Nikki Haley Affair RumorsThe Fire and Fury author had previously inferred that Haley was having an affair with the president.
  28. rumors
    Melania Trump’s Spokesperson Is Fed Up with Rumors of Marital StrifeShe calls the reports “flat-out false.”
  29. rumors
    Katie Roiphe Says She Wasn’t Going to Out the Person Behind the Media Men ListThe writer weighed in on the Harper’s controversy.
  30. food baby
    Kendall Jenner Just Likes Bagels, Okay?Nothing wrong with that.
  31. rumors
    Tom Cruise Did Not Wear a Fake Butt in Valkyrie, Says Tom CruiseThe actor denies the rumors of a butt prosthetic.
  32. rumors
    Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson Are Kind of, Maybe, Possibly a ThingAccording to TMZ.
  33. rumors
    There’s Reportedly Some Therapy-Dog Drama Going Down at VogueHere’s a fun rumor involving a Vogue editor and a therapy dog.
  34. Why Education (Sometimes) Protects People From Conspiracy TheorizingTwo new experiments dig into the complicated interplay between education and susceptibility to fake news.
  35. rumors
    Virgil Abloh Reportedly in Talks With Givenchy About Succeeding Riccardo TisciInteresting.
  36. political psychology
    This is a Great Psychological Framework for Understanding How Fake News SpreadsIt’s way more complicated than “some people are dumb or ignorant.” We’re all capable of believing wacky stuff.
  37. rumors
    The Sheer Perfection of Donald Trump’s Golden ShowerDid he hire Russian hookers to pee on a bed? Who cares?
  38. Why Everyone’s Passing Around Meaningless Election Day AnecdotesThere’s a deep-seated psychological tendency that could be explaining the frantic nature of social media today.
  39. political psychology
    Maybe There’s Some Hope for Political Fact-checking After AllNew research suggests that we shouldn’t be overly gloomy about the potential for fact-checking to correct people’s political misperceptions.
  40. rumors
    How Hopeless Should We Feel About Internet Rumormongering?In the long run, there could be a way to shape social norms so people think twice before retweeting crazy stuff.
  41. rumors
    Katy Perry Is Not About ‘Dumb Conspiracy’It’s like celebrity Mad Libs.
  42. political psychology
    People Aren’t Suspicious of Things Labeled ‘Conspiracy Theories’Yet another reason they are hard to debunk.
  43. conspiracy theories
    Here’s a Cool Conspiracy Theory About Ted Cruz“We’ve already decided. At the last retreat … we already decided.”
  44. rumors
    The Noble Futility of the Twitter Fact-checkerIt’s a lonely, uphill battle.
  45. rumors
    BuzzFeed Helped Spread Sandra Bland RumorsIt’s not a good idea to broadcast questionable theories to 2 million people without putting them in context.
  46. what is an ariana grande
    I Want to Live in a World Where Ariana Grande Gets Carried Like a Tiny BabyIf we let kids believe in Santa, we can have this.
  47. rumors
    This Cool Site Tracks False Rumors As They Spread OnlineDebunkers, you’ve got your work cut out for you.
  48. No, People Aren’t Racist Against Black Cats and Dogs Meow that’s what I call an internet hoax!
  49. rumors
    We Are All David Frum, False-Rumor-SpreaderYou’ve probably done what he did. He’s just got more Twitter followers.
  50. Keep Treating Us Like Lab Rats, Facebook!Our online foibles are revealing some interesting things.
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