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Rupert Sanders

  1. Rupert Sanders Opens Up About His Affair With Kristen StewartYou know, the one Donald Trump kept tweeting about in 2012.
  2. love squares
    Liberty Ross Reportedly Dating a New ManJimmy Iovine, co-founder of Beats by Dr. Dre.
  3. twilight gender gap
    Why Did So Many Men See Twilight This Time?The studio says it’s because it’s an action movie. We have other ideas.
  4. true love
    Kristen Stewart Awfully Shy About ‘Love Token’ NecklaceSurreptitiously tucked into her clothing.
  5. true love
    Kristen Stewart’s Love Square: A Four-Way Halloween ReconciliationLiberty Ross wore a latex catsuit with Rupert. R-Patz and K-Stew held hands.
  6. model tracker
    Liberty Ross: ‘I’m Very Happy With My Life’“I have good people. I have two amazing children.”
  7. hugs not hos
    Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders Share ‘Great Big HUG,’ Says TMZ Analysis After a counseling session.
  8. symbolic jewelry
    Kristen Stewart Still Wearing Purported Pattinson Love Token A red locket!
  9. comebacks
    Yes, THAT Liberty Ross Walked at Alexander WangEat your heart out, Kristen Stewart.
  10. true love
    Rupert Sanders Is Still Waving Around His Wedding RingGleefully, almost.
  11. breakups
    Stewart’s Schlubby First Post-Scandal AppearanceA belly shirt was involved.
  12. free birds
    Liberty Ross Posts Cryptic Vogue Blog EntryA flying bird.
  13. revenge
    Presenting: Liberty Ross’s Revenge OutfitShe appeared in L.A. yesterday without her wedding ring.
  14. unexpectedness
    More on Liberty Ross, Wronged Wife in Kristen Stewart’s Cheating ScandalThe model turned actress is now best known for her place in the Kristen Stewart love square.
  15. to discuss
    Kristen Stewart’s Bizarre Affair: A DiscussionOur analysis of the ongoing strangeness of today’s apologies, photographs, tweets, and public statements.