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  1. sausage king
    The Sausage King … in the Sauna … With a Crossbow?A look at today’s wildest crime headline.
  2. environment
    A Catastrophic Oil Spill in Russia Has Turned a River RedThe 20,000 tons of oil could take a decade to clean up.
  3. crime
    Body of Murdered Russian Influencer Discovered in SuitcasePolice are investigating the murder of 24-year-old Ekaterina Karaglanova.
  4. power
    Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Didn’t Trade Sex for Power, Prosecutors Now SayProsecutors say they misinterpreted a joking text between accused Russian spy Maria Butina and a friend.
  5. breaking out
    Pussy Riot Member Smuggled Herself Out of Russia to Perform at a FestivalMaria Alyokhina drove hundreds of miles to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
  6. spies who get caught
    A Suspected Russian Spy Was Working Inside U.S. Embassy for Ten YearsA woman working for the U.S. Secret Service in Moscow was accused of having “frequent meetings” with a Russian intelligence agency.
  7. power
    All About Maria Butina, the Gun-Loving Russian Woman Accused of Being a SpyButina, 29, is facing charges of being an unregistered foreign agent.
  8. espionage
    What Is Going on With Maria Butina’s Tragic Food Instagrams?A cottage-cheese casserole and some very, very sad omelettes.
  9. power
    It Seems Like Donald Trump Can’t Spell ‘Collusion’A giant, handwritten comment on his prepared notes about his highly criticized Russia comments reads, “THERE WAS NO COLUSION”.
  10. Pussy Riot Protester Who Crashed the World Cup Sentenced to 15 Days in JailThe other three will be sentenced later this afternoon.
  11. investigations
    Mall Fire in Russia Leaves at Least 64 DeadAuthorities say the alarms were disabled and exits blocked when a fire broke out at the mall in Kemerovo.
  12. plane drama
    Glamorous Russian Plane Dramatically Spills 3 Tons of Gold Bars All Over RunwayDrama!
  13. 2018 winter olympics
    Olympian Who Wore ‘I Don’t Do Doping’ Shirt Accused of Doing DopingAfter participating in an anti-doping video, Russian bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva tested positive for a banned heart medication.
  14. binomo
    Nikki Haley (Apparently) Duped by Prank Call From Fake Polish Prime MinisterThe U.N. ambassador assured the Polish leader that she was aware of Russia’s meddling in (the fake island of) Binomo’s recent elections.
  15. explainers
    A Guide to the Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Star Who’s Probably Putin’s DaughterAnswers to your questions about Katerina Tikhonova, including: what the hell is acrobatic rock’n’roll?
  16. theories
    Putin’s Press Secretary Suggests Kim Kardashian Is a Chaos AgentHmmmmmm.
  17. politics
    How Many Times Can Trump’s Old Campaign Manager Compliment Melania in One Clip?He called her “incredibly beautiful” three times in 43 seconds.
  18. politics
    Here’s Why Lawmakers Want the FBI to Review Ivanka Trump’s Security ClearanceThey want to know whether she disclosed her husband’s and brother’s meetings with foreign agents.
  19. politics
    See Powerful Photos of Teen Girls Arrested During Anti-Putin ProtestsSeveral were arrested on Monday.
  20. politics
    Everyone Is Suddenly Thirsty for James ComeyI mean … he is six-eight.
  21. politics
    The 5 Most Awkward Moments From James Comey’s Testimony About Trump“We simply looked at each other in silence.”
  22. politics
    Vladimir Putin Says He Doesn’t Have Bad Days Because ‘I Am Not a Woman’He added that he doesn’t have “certain natural cycles.”
  23. everyday sexism
    Plane Passengers Only Want Thin Flight Attendants, Airline Council Members ClaimTwo men defending the airline claim flight crews’ appearance is important for business.
  24. today in propaganda
    Read the Blog Post Vladimir Putin Wrote for Women’s DayHe wants women to “smile more often.”
  25. domestic violence
    In Russia, It’s Now No Longer a Criminal Offense to Abuse Your SpousePutin just signed into law an amendment that decriminalizes domestic violence.
  26. Russia’s Parliament Voted to Decriminalize Certain Types of Domestic ViolenceParliament voted 380-3 to pass the bill.
  27. everyday sexism
    Russia Could Decriminalize Domestic ViolenceA bill decriminalizing domestic violence just passed its first reading in Russian parliament.
  28. gallery
    Lavish Art Deco Fashions, Painted by ErtéCostumes, gilded details, feathered plumes.
  29. free pussy riot
    Pussy Riot Hunger Strike EndsFor now.
  30. interview
    Q&A: The Man Making Gay Porn for CharityMike Kulich is America’s first nonprofit pornographer.
  31. the gays
    Andy Cohen Won’t Host Pageant in Anti-Gay RussiaNo gays, no Miss Universe.
  32. pussy riot
    Pussy Riot Makes First U.S. AppearanceAt feminist bookstore Bluestockings.
  33. other fashion weeks
    Moscow Fashion Week Introduces Knitted MustachesAnd other delightful adornments for the head and face.
  34. tastemakers
    The Media Company for Russia’s Fashion ‘Misfits’Vasily Esmanov and Katya Bazilevskaya are covering style for the non-glamour scene.
  35. you down with cccp yeah you know me
    What Pravda Thought of the Dior ShowThe Communist newspaper sort of does French fashion.
  36. terrible
    ‘Free Pussy Riot’ Written in Blood at Russian Murder SceneInvestigators called it “right out of a horror movie;” the band’s lawyer called it “an abominable and dirty provocation.”
  37. party report
    Before Pussy Riot’s Verdict, a Star-Studded FêteChloe Sevigny toasts Russia’s jailed punk band.
  38. lonesome dov
    Dov Charney Clears Up Russian Olympic Confusion“I’m in the schmatta business.”
  39. lonesome dov
    The Russian Olympic Committee Doesn’t Know What Dov Charney Is Talking AboutAmerican Apparel isn’t making the country’s uniforms anytime soon.
  40. run through
    t.A.T.u Stars in Marc by Marc Jacobs’s Russian CampaignEmphasis on Russian. Those gals won’t be usurping any billboards in the States anytime soon.
  41. retail therapy
    Go Buy New Shoes This WeekendThis weekend promises to be positively sun-kissed, so why not get a little spring shopping under your waist-belt? We’ve selected spring shoes for guys and gals.