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  1. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte May Have Peed on Prince Harry in VegasIn a pool, obviously.
  2. vegas baby
    Some Crazy Things Happened in Vegas This WeekendPrince Harry! Jennifer Lopez! Ryan Lochte!
  3. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Dabbles in Sparkly BraceletsAnd Karlie Kloss wants to walk in his fashion show, whenever it eventually happens.
  4. lochte it down
    Ryan Lochte Will Probably Be Shirtless on 90210He plays himself.
  5. faces of things
    Michael Phelps Doesn’t Bathe for Louis Vuitton, Apparently [Updated]That ad floating around has not been authorized by the brand.
  6. olympic fever
    Video: Ryan Lochte Expounds on Pool PeeHe can totally pee faster than Michael Phelps.
  7. things that are printed on paper
    Ryan Lochte Is Vogue’s Worst-Selling Cover So Far This YearWhile the Adele cover was its best.
  8. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Is Considering ‘Multiple Offers’ for a Fashion LineAlso, reality shows.
  9. naked-o-meter
    The Male Olympian Nudity IndexThe Cut gets super scientific measuring male athletes’ nudity.
  10. loose threads
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Rich; Isaac Mizrahi Partners With ChevroletPlus, Gwen Stefani covers Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue.
  11. model tracker
    More on Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps’s Respective ‘Model’ Lady FriendsAnnabeth Murphy-Thomas and Megan Rossee.
  12. olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte May Have Pulled a Kristen Stewart This WeekendLet the Lochte sex-scandal rumors commence!
  13. audio
    Ryan Lochte: Yes, I Peed in the Olympic Pool“Something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.”
  14. olympic fever
    Deep Thoughts From Ryan LochteHe’s more than just a nice set of abs, people.
  15. olympic fever
    Video: Ryan Lochte, As Explained by His Mom, Matt Lauer, and HimselfHe’s just a free spirit, see. 
  16. 2012 london olympics
    Olympic Nail Art: A Cut Team ThrowdownWho will win gold?
  17. olympic fever
    What to Wear on Your Date With Ryan LochtePants, maybe.
  18. olympic fever
    Not Even Olympic Officials Can Keep Ryan Lochte From His Diamond GrillExpress yourself!
  19. mobama duchesses!!! watch
    Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton Meet Again!It’s so exciting when our look books collide like this!
  20. olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Participates in the U.S. Swim Team’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ VideoHe blows a kiss!
  21. olympic fever
    Who’s Excited for the Olympics?!WE ARE.
  22. backlashes
    Ralph Lauren’s Next Olympic Outfits Will Be Made in the USATo make everyone feel better about this year’s uniforms being made in China.
  23. daily male
    A Few Words on Ryan LochteBecause … why not?
  24. tear sheets
    Karlie Kloss Takes a Steamy Shower in McQueenAnd more from Vogue’s new Olympics-themed editorial.
  25. cover girls (and boys)
    Ryan Lochte Is the Fourth Man to Ever Cover VogueHe appears alongside soccer player Hope Solo and tennis champion Serena Williams.
  26. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Thank You, Diane Kruger, for Bringing Pacey to HilfigerWe don’t wanna wait / For another Joshua sighting / We want to know right now where Pacey is …
  27. party lines
    Adorable Ryan Lochte Wants to Be a Fashion Designer“I’m really into fashion, and I’m trying to slowly get out of swimming.”
  28. party lines
    Mazar on Role of Menstrual Cycles in The WomenEva Mendes told us last night that this year is “the year of the woman,” and since we were at a screening for The Women, we thought we would talk to celebs about feminine stereotypes.
  29. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls Distracted by Amy Lee’s HairAt Anna Sui, the rocker’s bizarre hairdo stole the show.
  30. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls Just Know That Nastia Liukin and Ryan Lochte Are in LoveIt was Olympian love at Max Azria, and don’t you try to tell us otherwise.