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  1. How to Shatter Fruit and Veggies Into Shards of ‘Glass’PAID STORY: Watching vegetables smashed like shards of glass might be the most cathartic thing you do today
  2. You Can Turn Your Own Breath Into a Liquid, Because SciencePAID STORY: Watch a Jeopardy winner turn his breath into a liquid and drink it. Because science.
  3. Watch Ken Jennings Mess With Balloon Animals and NitrogenPAID STORY: If you needed your daily reminder that science is awesome, here it is.
  4. How to Make Guinness Ice Cream Using NitrogenPAID STORY: Here’s how you make Guinness ice cream and get it to freeze in under a minute (hint: you need a lot of liquid nitrogen).
  5. If You Know One Party Trick, Make It This OnePAID STORY: Watch a can of @Guinness implode in a vat of liquid nitrogen
  6. How to Make a Ping-Pong Ball Spin With Liquid NitrogenPAID STORY: Watch Ken Jennings play with liquid nitrogen and remind everyone that being smart is cool.