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Safe Sex

  1. the cut opinion pages
    A Ghost Is the Perfect Quarantine Sex PartnerA recent advice column asks: What should I do if my friend says she’s sleeping with a ghost? In our opinion, ghost sex is the responsible thing to do.
  2. The IUD Is Making a ComebackThe IUD is becoming increasingly popular around the world. So, why aren’t more women in the U.S. using this form of contraception?
  3. badvertising
    Ladies, Would You Carry Condoms If They Came in a Cute Travel Case?Don’t you dare let anyone know you have sex.
  4. sex diaries
    The Single Woman Refusing to Feel Guilty for Her Sex LifeThis week’s sex diary.
  5. The Future of Condoms Has Arrived, and It’s Covered in HexagonsThe idea is to make guys want to use them.
  6. rio olympics
    Don’t Worry, There Will Be Plenty of Condoms at the OlympicsIncluding lube and female condoms.
  7. video
    Sex Ed ‘Rapes Children of Their Innocence,’ Says Omaha WomanWhile debating an update to a curriculum that hasn’t changed in 30 years.
  8. health matters
    Is Safe Sex Going Out of Style?The rise in STDs might make you think so.
  9. video
    John Oliver Made a Helpful, Easy-to-Understand Sex-Ed Video Featuring a condom-on-banana demonstration by Laverne Cox.
  10. Pop Singer Puts a Condom on Her Leg to Prove No Guy Is ‘Too Big’ for ThemWe’ve found our new icon.
  11. true stories
    ‘Is Your Crotch on Fire?’ 15 People on Unsafe SexBroken condoms, bad decisions, and awkward conversations.
  12. sex ed
    Boston College’s Anti-Condom Rule Makes No SenseThey don’t want people to get any ideas (as if they don’t already have them).