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Safety First

  1. coronavirus
    Why Is the Government Endorsing Soul Patches?Some styles of facial hair are better in a coronavirus outbreak than others, according to the CDC.
  2. The Accidental-Death Rate Is Rising, in Part Because of Our Wandering MindsThe general assumption is that we are living in a safety-crazed era, but the numbers suggest a different story.
  3. safety first
    This Is How Amanda Chantal Bacon Prepares to Eat SugarA Halloween guide from the founder of Moon Juice.
  4. social psychology
    Why Major League Pitchers Won’t Wear This Weird HatEven though it’ll (probably) protect their brains!
  5. safety first
    Please Do Not Shop Until You Actually DropEverybody, stay safe out there.
  6. safety first
    Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘It’ Helmets Are Finally for Sale in StoresJust in time for your Black Friday shopping sprees!