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  1. uh-oh
    A Salad Is the Perfect Food to Dump on SomeoneMiranda Lambert got into an argument at a Nashville restaurant and expressed her anger with a salad.
  2. power
    Trump Reportedly Tried to Make Tillerson Eat a Salad“Rex, eat the salad.”
  3. theories
    Your Bagged Salad Is Trying to Murder YouIn the last week alone, both a scorpion and a dead bat have been found in bagged salad mixes.
  4. A Salad Cake Is Still a SaladWhat trickery is this?
  5. mostess
    You, Too, Can Make a Show-Stopping Party SaladThree recipes from the internet’s premiere salad blog.
  6. screeds
    Salad Is a LieMuch of it, anyway.