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  1. nailed it
    This Company Wants To Revolutionize Your At-home ManicureNo more wobbly polish when you have to “switch hands.”
  2. hairy situations
    Amazon-Enabled Hair Salons Are ComingAlexa, give me bangs.
  3. hairy situations
    Paris’ Best Hair Salon Is Moving to New YorkCheck out mane man David Mallett’s new salon.
  4. hairy situations
    A Hair-Care Line That Will Make Your Dye Job Last LongerIt starts with a trip to the salon.
  5. best bets
    Best Bets: Week of July 11, 2016What’s new in New York stores.
  6. coming soon
    M.A.C Is Opening a Salon for MakeupLet the pros handle it. 
  7. mane attraction
    Jared Leto’s Ombré Is Now Closer Than Ever BeforeThe dream is real.
  8. advice
    Adulthood Is Made of Budgets, Soup, and MannersThe problem with most lists of adulthood advice: too many black lace bras and around-the-world trips.
  9. parables
    The Feminist and the Cowboy Author Leaves Abusive CowboyStill grateful he “tamed” her.
  10. banging day
    There is Now a Salon That Will Only Cut Your BangsFirst came braid bars. Then ponytail bars. And now this. 
  11. beauty
    Star Colorist Decamps to BushwickAbbey Lee Kershaw has already made the trek.