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  1. Samantha Bee’s Husband Fact-Checks Her in ConversationBut surprise: She’s always right. 
  2. tv
    Full Frontal With Samantha Bee RenewedSamantha Bee will continue smashing the unbearable maleness of late night.
  3. video
    Samantha Bee Wants to Know Why Officials Keep Kondo-ing Untested Rape Kits“Texas, you’re not auditioning for Hoarders: Rape Kit Edition.”
  4. shmashmortion
    Anti-Abortion Texas Lawmaker Has No Idea How Abortion WorksAs Samantha Bee helpfully explains to him.
  5. your daily dose of injustice
    Sam Bee Shows No Workplace Is Safe for WomenApparently, working on a cruise ship is “Rapetown USA.”
  6. trump gonna trump
    Watch: Samantha Bee Shocked by Trump’s Sane Comments on Women’s Health RIP, Samantha.
  7. caftans
    Samantha Bee on Being 46 and Not Caring What Anyone ThinksBreak out your beach caftan.
  8. video
    New Nicknames for Your ‘Lady Garden’Hoo hoo, hee hee, and ha ha: all acceptable.
  9. cut cover story
    Smirking in the Boys’ Room With Samantha BeeShe’s about to become the first female host of a late-night satirical news show. She wants to make damn sure she’s not the last.
  10. beauty secrets
    Samantha Bee Would Be Lost Without EyelinerShe also wishes she had Cate Blanchett’s ethereal glow.