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San Francisco

  1. art and soul
    Women at RestTen Black artists imagine the freedom of leisure at ICA San Francisco’s “Resting Our Eyes” exhibition.
  2. crime
    Police Used a Woman’s Rape Kit to Arrest Her for a CrimeSan Fransisco authorities have identified at least 11 other cases where survivors’ DNA evidence was used in unrelated investigations.
  3. stop asian hate
    Yet Another Elderly Asian Woman Was Viciously AttackedNow, she’s donating more than $900,000 to combat anti-Asian hate.
  4. racism
    An Asian Uber Driver Was Pepper Sprayed and Coughed On by RidersAfter the driver, who is from Nepal, asked the passengers to wear masks, they called him racial slurs and ripped off his mask.
  5. the wedding files
    A San Francisco Wedding at a Big, Empty PierThe bride changed into crushed-velvet pants for the disco-infused reception.
  6. coronavirus
    What Does a Stay-at-Home Order Mean, Exactly?Some states are lifting the restrictions as early as this week, defying health officials’ recommendations.
  7. what time is it?
    Why Bother With 4/20 When Time Is Meaningless?San Francisco’s mayor warned those celebrating the upcoming festivities from congregating with each other.
  8. weekend with
    A Local Photographer’s Favorite Spots in San FranciscoA weekend with Emily Scott.
  9. san francisco
    A Trip Through Northern California With a Professional ChefIt involved amazing views and even better food.
  10. true crime
    Headless Body Found in Missing Homeowner’s Fish TankSan Francisco authorities are trying to determine if the corpse belongs to Brian Egg, a local man who disappeared three months ago.
  11. look book
    The Historian Who Loves Architecture“I’m kind of an architecture nerd and carry around the 1978 AIA Guide to New York architecture.”
  12. cruelty-free cities
    A Major U.S. City Has Just Banned FurThe whole city is going cruelty-free.
  13. dumb trends
    Here’s Why the Raw-Water Trend Is So DangerousBut that isn’t stopping anyone.
  14. lunchtime beauty
    Here’s How You Can Smell Like Dubai, Paris, or TokyoLe Labo’s City Exclusive scents are now available everywhere for one month only.
  15. gallery
    This Photographer Chronicled the LGBT Rights Movement in 1970s San FranciscoYou may know Daniel Nicoletta’s work from his Harvey Milk Forever stamp.
  16. Yelp Employee Fired for Writing About Being UnderpaidFrom meager salary to no salary in 24 hours.
  17. sex diaries
    The Tech Exec With Boyfriends on Both CoastsThis week’s sex diary.
  18. black lives matter
    Topless Protesters Rally for Female Victims of Police BrutalityProtesters shut down traffic in San Francisco yesterday to draw attention to the black women who have been killed by police.
  19. holidaze
    Don’t Forget to Shop Small Businesses This SaturdayBecause Black Friday can be too crazy.
  20. male gaze
    Here Is San Francisco’s Hottest Cop “They call me ‘Castro’s Finest.’”
  21. adventures in dating
    I Got Shipped to California to Date Tech GuysFive days with the great single-girl airlift from NYC to SF.
  22. sex on wheels
    There’s a Shaggin’ Wagon in San FranciscoVrooom, vroom, here comes the sex truck!
  23. in other cities
    Here Are Cities Where Women Earn the Most MoneyWhere should we move? 
  24. the bride wore nothing
    My Big, Naked, Nudist WeddingAll you need is love. You definitely don’t need clothes.
  25. misadventures in sex
    Techies Predictably Eat Up Orgasmic Meditation LifestyleBody hacking + half-naked chicks = $$$
  26. confessions
    My Wild Nights Waitressing at San Francisco’s Sex Supper ClubIt felt like Eyes Wide Shut, but with mouths wide open.
  27. meet the new photographer
    A Woman Photographs Kink.com’s Custom Porn SetsElizabeth Moran wants to find the inner porn star in everyone.
  28. loose threads
    YSL Retrospective Skips New York; Jay Manuel Gets SuedAlso, Tom Ford has his eyes on Vegas, Bar Refaeli scores two huge campaigns, and Nina Garcia is rolling in it.