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Sandy Hook Elementary School

  1. conspiracy theories
    Florida Atlantic University Fired Its Sandy Hook–Truther ProfessorJames Tracy claimed parents of Sandy Hook victims were government agents.
  2. conspiracy theories
    Will a Sandy Hook–Truther Prof Lose His Job?“Tracy even sent us a certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived, that we were his parents, and that we were the rightful owner of his photographic image.”
  3. look of the day
    Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys Prime the Field for BeyoncéWhat happened before Queen Bey entered the stage and took out the stadium lights.
  4. newtown massacre
    Michelle Obama Writes Letter to Newtown Families“As a mother of two young daughters, my heart aches for you.”
  5. very sad things
    Teachers and Mothers: Our Real Heroes After TragedyIn the wake of Newtown, simply nurturing children still doesn’t earn the wealth, privilege, or respect it deserves.