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Santa Claus

  1. reading the signs
    Trump, Santa, and the Power of Collective DelusionsThe effort it takes to maintain a myth can become exhausting.
  2. santa claus
    Lucky Girl Believes in Santa, But Not Trump’s ChildrenThe 7-year-old for whom Trump nearly ruined Santa says she’s “honestly never heard of” him having any kids.
  3. heroes
    Justice for the Foul-Mouthed SantaEveryone is (wrongly!) mad at a British Santa for ripping off his beard and screaming “get the f*ck out” during a fire alarm.
  4. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 16 Days to Go!Joan Crawford as a sexy Santa.
  5. holidaze
    Count Down to Christmas With the Cut’s Advent CalendarAudrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and more vintage photos to put you in the holiday spirit.
  6. Male Gaze: Santa Claus, the Original Sugar DaddyHo ho ho.
  7. model tracker
    Miranda Kerr Beat Up Santa ClausShe decided to be naughty this year, obviously.