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Sarah Everard

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    What We Know About the Disappearance of Sarah EverardA 33-year-old woman vanished while walking home in South London. A police officer has now been sentenced to life in prison for her rape and murder.
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    It’s Not on the Public to Protect Themselves From PoliceAfter officer Wayne Couzens was sentenced for raping and murdering Sarah Everard, London police have some safety suggestions for civilians.
  3. power
    Cops Handled the Sarah Everard Vigil Just Fine, Investigators SayFootage shows officers hurling protesters to the ground. An independent review insists the use of force was “measured and proportionate.”
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    Sarah Everard Deserved Better Than ThisA cop is accused of kidnapping and killing her. On Saturday, police violently broke up a vigil in her honor.
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    Sarah Everard’s Death Feels Terrifyingly PersonalBecause Everard was murdered while walking home alone, her death is causing women to revisit their own experiences.